Welcome to “Am I Gay if I Want to Eat My Cum” blog. I’ve written about men who eat their own cum, or are thinking about taking the plunge into the “land of creamy goodness” plenty times on my blog. I most likely wrote about the ‘gay’ question as well in one of those blogs. But it bears repeating since I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about this exact subject. Here we go!

Men Eating Cum

Men who eat cum or think about how hot and erotic it is to be coerced into eating their own ejaculate are not necessarily in the category of gay. For them it’s more of an erotic taboo stimulus. The mere fact that you are engaging in a taboo activity is hot and thrilling!

There too, is the ever present “Power exchange” sexy element, when you are coerced into eating that load.  What’s even more fun, is how that power exchange plays out!  Is it sensual and you are so wrapped up in rapture that at the time it seemed like a hot thing to do, eat that cum off of those tits. Is that sweet ass spanked until you orgasm and is fed that load from my hand?  Perhaps a more protracted approach. Days, weeks, dare I say longer with weekly deposits into, mmmmmm the “cum bank”, in the freezer? Although your mind is reeling, screaming “WTF” yet your cock is hard as a rock. I just love that truth detector , hmm? It betrays you time and again.

While other men don’t like it at all, regardless of the play. But, they will do it because it’s what Mistress wishes, and they always aim to please. For them the arousal is all based on me, my pleasure. So it’s something they will endure. Is it erotic for them to submit to that task? Sure, but on a different level. It would be perfectly OK if I never asked for it again.

With all this said we are left with

I want to eat my cum

Men Eating Cum

Am I Gay if I Want to Eat My Cum

Let’s put this out there: You are who you are, and how you choose to identify yourself. So if saying “I’m gay because I do XYZ”  feels RIGHT then run with it! There is nothing wrong with being gay!

On the other hand if your naughty games and association with gay activities (sucking cock to eat cum) is a hot stimulus for you, Yay! You are not alone! So if being teased  or even humiliated by  being called “gay” arouses you!

You see, using words like gay , faggot , cock sucker and cum eater are very naughty and still pretty taboo subjects in many social circles. That’s why it is so stimulating for some, and is an awesome erotic tool for me to use.

Some who enjoy me using words like faggot,  enjoy listening to faggot meditation, for being a fag. Recently I had a lot of fun with other Mistresses creating just such an erotic audio! I worked with Ms Brighton, Ms Claire, Ms Delia,  Ms Kellie, Ms Scarlet , and Ms Willow  on a trance/meditation faggot audio! It was a fantastically fun project to do with some these  ladies! Check out the sample on this page: Faggot Humiliation and while you are at it , click and buy it. Not expensive and I know I KNOW you’ll love it!

Getting Started Eating Your Cum

So if the idea of being labeled gay or faggot stopped you from eating your cum before, put it behind you. Then just do it!  You see, just getting this far on the blog, and you are still engaged tells me that it is time for you to move forward! Some people move more quickly than others. You also learn a lot about your desires when you involve a play partner! I’m patient and knowledgeable and well versed in the challenges a first time cum eater faces.

While sometimes , men discover through our play that it’s the tension and tease of MAYBE eating that cum that makes up their boundary. That’s great too. I enjoy tormenting and teasing that cock with all the naughty cum I’ve made men consume at my behest.

So, where are your boundaries? If you really want to move forward in your cum eating journey let’s connect! I know you’ll enjoy eating that load for me!

My motto is: It’s not a matter of “IF” , only a matter of “when”, pet.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika

Erotic Audio

Erotic Audio