Happy Moan-day! Speaking of moaning, lots of anal play lately! Tee hee! Hence the anal play blog. There are things we need to talk about when it comes to playing at the back door.  Some of these things are for fun, and others for hygiene. If you’ve been curious but hesitant, this blog is for you! If you want to know how to have a more sensual experience using anal play, stay tuned for that as well.

Anal Play Preparation

Okay class, first things first. Anal play typically involves the rectum. Those last few inches before your anus. Stool isn’t stored in this part of the digestive track, so play in that area with fingers, or small toys, may only require regular bowel movements and a good scrub a dub-dub!  But for the novices who are nervous, or those who are into larger/ longer, more, erm, “industrial” toys , perhaps a “deeper” cleansing may be in order.  Using an OTC enema is typically sufficient for that fresh, carefree feeling of confidence going in. Literally. Careful on the intake, however, more fluid isn’t better and can often be worse than no cleansing at all!

Anal Play Toys

With a plethora of toys to please one of the naughtier erogenous zones  on our body, the anus and its good friend the rectum can

Anal Play

Let’s talk about ass, baby

join in on the orgasmic highway! Prostate massager, manual and vibe. Butt plugs, anal beads, dildo’s and more! Regardless of where you want to end up (hopping up and down on a 10″) where you start is extremely important!

Start off small, fingers or small vibe exploring the various sensations and pleasures stimulating the anus can bring. As your arousal increases, using lots of lube is paramount with anal play. Not only does it avoid nasty injury but helps make playing in that area oh so fantastic!  Training your ass with butt plugs? Again, start small and start short! Meaning playing with the smallest plug you can find, repeatedly (but not too much so!) Learning to feel, experience your submissiveness with this constant erotic encounter!

In conclusion , class, with a bit of preparation and mindfulness, anal play can be safe, fun and very erotic! There’s no reason to forgo exploration of one of your body’s pleasure zones- the ass. If you are interested,  curious about anal play, even an aficionado, I want to hear from you!