Are you a prick? If you are, you probably don’t realize you are. As I close out 2018 and move to 2019 I thought I’d take a moment from our typical fun and try and help educate you, and help you not be a PRICK! After all, I hear all day long “Mistress how can I please you” , well here you go: Dots real close together easy to follow. Ready? Let’s go!

Respect Her Time

Some of you are very respectful, others of you are not.  Let’s do a compare / contrast to help clarify.

Message or email Mistress and patiently await her reply     ????
Message or email then spam her with several more messages before she replies to the first email. ????

I typically reply to your email ASAP or  within 24 hours.
If I have a busy day on calls, or am knee deep in a blog or other “Mistress” duties I may only check mails periodically through the day. It’s one reason why I ask for 24 hours notice for appointments.

Request an appointment and show up on time, or communicating ASAP if there is a change of plans ????
Request an appointment and show up ten minutes late (or not at all) with no communication????
I work hard to ensure I am on time and available for appointments. Sometimes that means I “hold myself” for ten minutes or more from taking other calls waiting for you. For you to show up late, or not at all forfeits your ability to schedule future appointments  and may have prevented someone else from connecting with me. #Selfishprick

Having the privilege of contacting me (skype or email) outside of session and send a few words of worship and a smile letting me know you are thinking of me or to report on your task????
Feel entitled/ get annoyed if I don’t respond when “you think I should”  or expect me “sit and chat” ad infinitum if I’m not on a call.????

I love staying in touch between sessions, either to follow up on assignments or discuss role play or fantasy for the next session. But as much as I may like you, or like to play with you I have other things to attend! I know you don’t realize this but Mistress has a lot of duties and tasks to accomplish between calls,  if she is to prosper and “stay here” those things have to be done. If I allow you to take me from those tasks then my ability to be successful at what I do diminishes. If I am not successful here then I will have to move on to other things.

Respect Her

I’ve had some fantastic conversations over the past year about “What I do” and how it does and does not fit in with our current climate of the Me Too Movement. Since I’ve been sporting a vajaja all my life, I automatically qualify as moving target for degenerate troglodytes. Women in any walk of life , from Nun to Porn Stars are subject to disrespect from penis creatures. Why? In many ways  because penis creatures are conditioned  tend to think the world revolves around their fuck stick and since it’s the most important thing to them, it should be important to you as well. *sigh*

Add to the mix that I am a “Sex Worker” and well, it seems the degenerates feel entitled to treat me any way they wish. You can’t. You won’t.

You see, guys,the only difference  between your sainted  female figure in your life (which you treat with the utmost deference) and myself, is I give you consent to talk in ways, behave in ways, you are not allowed in “your world”. In session you are free to explore erotic fantasies, play with your kink or fetish knowing you are welcomed to do so. In addition: your calling , having texting or cam sessions is respecting that I have a valuable skill set (like any of your service contractors) and you are happy to compensate me for my skills. Expecting me to do so out of session, or worse yet- never having a session with me is disrespect and is abusive.


I must verify everyone I engage with is 18+ to keep my sweet ass outta trouble! The ONLY WAY to do that is with your session.  I will entertain your communication regarding a session, to confirm it’s something I’d like to play with,with you but I will NOT engage in adult topic conversation.No more discussions end of story. If you do so you risk being blocked like this one…..

Recently I  was contacted by someone who was trying to get me to session (talk about adult topics), without knowing him or having a session! I spent way too much of my time (In retrospect) explaining to him that I’ll be happy to discuss these things IN SESSION.

He tried: being sexy and alluring (didn’t work) , he tried the old “Compliment her until she takes off her panties approach” (yea, panties stayed firmly in place). Finally, he tried impatient, condescending and when everything in his current arsenal didn’t work. He started to “whine” (in text which is worse lol) about not being “sure” if he wanted to session with me . I still refused, and guys if you think you are “that much of a sweet talker” to risk my sweet no no’s to prison, lemme tell ya: You ain’t, and your feeble attempts are transparent to me. The women you might know may  be vapid and fall for it , I’m not.

So, his last “hail mary” attempt he insisted that the company should “give out” free samples. (ha ha ha, listen to the audio for a bit of a fun ad-lib)

After I picked myself up from the floor from laughing at his immature response, I reminded him that LDW has a Quality Promise! Call any of our Mistresses and if after the first few minutes it isn’t working for you, politely excuse yourself hang up and talk with the Dispatcher. She’ll be happy to work with you, we have several options including, resetting the clock with another Mistress, having credit on account, or even not charging you! I’m not making this up: Quality Promise  check it out!

Blocking and Banning

I am a reasonable mature woman, if you are lucky enough to be in my orbit you will respect me at all times.

The following will get you blocked, banned and put in the proverbial trash without notice.
If you think I’m “one of those girls” who will give second chances once I “put you in the trash” you are wrong.

Breaking one of these rules will  have you deemed “trash”.

-Sending dick pics without my permission, or without being my client, and in particular if I’ve told you NO!
-Barraging me with messages, asking me to discuss adult themed topics without me knowing you as a client.
-Disparaging me in public because you have the emotional intelligence of a fluke.

So, as you see, my list is short for the worst transgressions that will get you banned.

Look, I’m a fun loving erotic Dominant Woman who delights in meeting new people, exploring kinks, fetishes and helping your sexual life be fun and rewarding. But like anyone I have boundaries and I think mine are  easy to abide by. Don’t make me put on my capricious  Mean Mistress Hat! (well unless you like that kinda thing! Then CALL ME ha ha)

Together let’s make 2019 the most respectful and KINKY ever!

are you a prick

are you a prick

Until we chat ????

Mistress Erika