Happy August pets!  Erika Addicts have been waiting with baited penises for this month! Why? Well, it’s a bit of habit that has evolved over a few years. You treat me, with your time, and I treat you right back!

For those new ’round these parts’ August is my birthday month. Many of my pets love to spoil me with extra time with them, treats, and Birthday(virtual) bouquets so I can treat myself to something special, courtesy of them!  I like to show my appreciation too!

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people! That’s always exciting! Some new pets found me through one of my online profiles at Enchantrix. And of course – The Weekly Hot Spot!  Some may be brand new to our service but there have been a few who is new to “all of this”. Some have pulled that trigger and I’ve had so much fun meeting you!  For those lurking and waiting for a “good time” to pull that trigger your “good time” is NOW! Just call dispatch, tell them you are a first-time caller to me, and that you want to wish me a happy birthday! 

As a reward for getting the “nerve up” and pulling that trigger and calling. I’m going to add 5 free minutes to your paid call. There is a ten-minute minimum, so add 5 minutes (on me) and receive a 15-minute call first call for the price of ten. 

Use your time to get intimate with me, tell me things you know you can’t speak with others about. I’m your safe place to be yourself. But don’t worry, if that safe place means making you my little bitch: Game on!  😍

As always you are welcome to place a longer first call, just know 5 of those minutes (after your paid ten) are on me! If we haven’t had a session in a year or more, I’ll add five free for you too, so we can catch up and have some sexy fun! The same rules apply to you too, gotta tell dispatch you are calling to wish me a HB!

When You Treat Me

I will treat you right back here’s how:

-60 Minute dispatched phone session, I will add 10 free minutes. One ten-minute free block, per pet per day. You may place as many hours or more calls as you like with me in August, just know only one ten-minute free block will apply per day.

All you have to do is tell the dispatcher you are calling to wish me a happy birthday! They will take care of the rest!

-60 Minutes or more of texting or Skype sessions will receive 15 minutes free! I know that’s a lot but I’m so excited about the discount we have this (month 20% off texting) so how exciting is it that you can maximize your time! Remember the magical key phrase: Happy Birthday, to get your free minutes! 

Here are some pointers for setting up texting or Skype sessions. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help. All free minutes must be used in session, and cannot be carried over. 



1.800.601.6975 18+


When you consider the discretion level and ease of texting sessions it’s a must-do! You can have me in your hand during lunch break, or talk with me on the road as you are traveling! Hands-on that wheel!

You know I love making you hard in your pants in public! If we haven’t done a session like that before then that’s another gift/treat you can give me! The gift of tormenting you and you can’t do a damn thing about it!




All sessions, regardless of length are eligible for a hot summer audio I made for you! I teased the idea on Twitter a few weeks ago and as I roll it out into the Phone Sex Audio store I’m going to give it away for free! All you have to do is say (in session) Oh Mistress may I be your ice pop? What you will receive, absolutely free is my $15.00 tease audio of me sucking an ice pop as if it were a cock. Complete with sexy banter and I even put a few ASMR effects in there for you to enjoy!

Other Goings On

But wait there’s more! August is going to be even more fun, with our early morning wood special. All ten-minute dispatched calls are $20.00 or receive 9.90 off of a longer call. We also have the aforementioned sexy texting and (drum roll please) SISSY BINGO!

WOOP WOOP! I want Sissy bingoall my gals to get your sexy panty-clad bottoms over and buy a bingo card! Then I’ll see you in chat that evening for some sissy fun! There are FOUR Sexy Mistresses, myself, Ms. Riley, Ms. Harper, and Ms. Adeline! There’s also some talk about other Mistresses just stopping by to say hello! That opportunity is invaluable!


And Finally, for our Rewards members, August 5th is our Double Perks Points day! What are Perks Points? Comment below and I’ll tell ya.
That’s all for now, pets. I want you to make this birthday month the hottest yet! I know how much you want to please me 😘😘

Until we chat 💋

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

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Listen here for a TASTE of the free audio I’m giving out with each session!


Erotic Audio