BBC Stroker bitch is a wonder among wonders. We all know what BBC stands for right? No, not big beautiful ladies, not today anyway! We are talking Big Black Cock. Combine that some hot stroking and you have BBC Stroker. He’s “common” among these parts. Enchantrix Empire parts that is. I’ve done some two  Mistress calls with him, so I know that “bitch” is a great word to use with “this one”. Then comes the bitch part. He is such a bitch!

Big Black Cock

First lets establish that BBC portion. For the most part he lives up to the BBC part of his moniker.After seeing it on cam, I asked him “How big is that fuckin’ thing!” Measuring 9X1 (roars at that pencil dick image) was his reply. Me knowing cock, Like I know cock, I knew there was a miscommunication of sorts.What I saw on cam WAS NOT 1″ around! So I clarified, I wanted the circumference not the diameter. Once I gave him the correct way I wanted to measure , the digits are 9×4.7. Impressive, huh? Certainly one of those dicks who are “above average”.

Stroker Bitch

I know, I hear the salivary glands of a thousand mouths spurt to life, didn’t I? Ha ha ha, but wait. Hold on, my little story isn’t done yet. The stroker bitch part of his moniker is what makes him a wonder. We all expect BBC to be attached to a big , strong handsome Alpha male, right? After all, small dicked beta bitch boy’s often dream of cock in a variety of ways. Cuckolding, Bi-curious fantasies and activities are two hot options! The desired, wanted cock. is always bigger and often they are BBC’s.

This BBC, however, is attached to an addicted stroker bitch! Humiliation, the sicker the better for this bitch. I can’t even mention some of the things we’ve discussed or better yet some of the things he’s done! (insert retching sound here)  But lucky for him, not only do I have my Sensual Erotic side, My Humiliatrix side is a good match for this sick fuck.  That sick dick is not honored and worshiped like so many BBC’s are in other sessions, this one wants to feel the sting of me telling him exactly what he is: a perverted bitch. I know just from what I’ve posted here other Enchantrix Mistresses will KNOW exactly who I mean.

Moral of the story, class? Don’t judge the lover by the dick. Sure he’s got a big dick, but what a little bitch.

Until we chat ????

BBC Wrangler Erika