Hello there gurls, I hope you enjoyed  feminization week! Today’s blog is about being your best sissy self. What does that mean, exactly? It means being dedicated, sincere and always looking for ways to be your best sissy self! Now what that means is as individual as the individual! But here are some fantastic ways my gurl Lisa  has done in order to be her best sissy self for Mistress. Which can you adopt? Do you have any other ideas how you can be your best sissy self?

Lisa’s Best Sissy Self

Darling Lisa has been enjoying Enchantrix/LDW and our feminization for quite some time now. She’s even had sessions with Head Mistress Ally , back in the day! Just like anyone with sissy dreams life sometimes gets in the way and she can’t be her “complete” sissy self 24/7. Even days where no feminine attire can be worn (Oh the horror!). But as I’ve mentioned previously, you don’t have to DON feminine attire to feel gurly! That’s how Lisa gives me her sissy best, buy doing what she can every day to be her best sissy self!

Best sissy self

Be Your Best Sissy Self

How To Be Your Best Sissy Self For Mistress

Taking care of your body , and health.

Watching what you eat, and getting plenty of exercise. Although I thought Lisa’s body, when she first came to me,  was “Just fine”, we talked a bit about our dreams and goals. We and decided that yes, Lisa needed to improve. To date she’s slimmed down by 25lbs, down 8% body fat! Now her belly looks Oh So fem, slim and firm! Why her sexy belly chain needs a few links taken off. Oh yea, Lisa has a sexy fem belly and I simply ADORE her belly chain. We had a lot of fun discussing and picking it out.

Grooming your body

Lisa has been doing so well with My gurly body! She’s  a good gurl and keeps up on her sissy hair removal by going to get a full wax every 4 weeks along with facials and massages! Using feminine lotions to help her skin feel and look its best. Did you notice? I bet some of you did. I said “My gurly body” darlings, don’t you see. When you commit to a Mistress, asking for her help to feminize you. When you are devoted then Mistress is too. That’s My body and you are at task to take care of it for both of our pleasures!

Your Mindset And Your Best Sissy Self

Finally , how you can be your best sissy self for Mistress is your attitude! You see, even though Lisa can’t engage her sissy self as much as she wishes her attitude remains as Mistress desires. To feel as fem as you can , every day. Employing secret sissy mode as needed. Keeping in mind that what she does (and doesn’t do) always reflects upon your Mistress. Your Mistress is dedicated and devoted to helping you be your best sissy self and you should be too.

Having an open mind , willing an naughty spirit is all that’s needed. With Lisa’s continued feminization training we also use fantasy sessions to explore Lisa’s sissy side. How far will she go for Mistress? Check out some other posts on this delightful sissy and ask yourself: So how can you be your best sissy self for Mistress?

Until We Chat

Feminization Mistress Erika
Next week I’m delving into the subject of Kink And Couples.