Hello, darlings. Welcome to your next adventure on your spooky museum tour. I simply loved Ms Kellie’s spooky museum party and I know you’re going to enjoy my musings. A Special Halloween treat for you,I have a full length audio of this blog, to give you! Chock full of more sexy adlibs, and sound effects!  Read, listen to my tease to find out how you can get the full length “read” of this blog!

From the bright lights of the museum hall you approach the double wooden door entrance to the exhibit Sensory Deprivation

sensory depravation

Enter if you dare

Reading the sign “enter if you dare” sends a cold shiver through you. Intrigued “how bad could it be, just a mind fuck ‘if you dare” your brain thinks. Taking a deep breath you push and the doors on rusted hinges creek.

“Come in , Pet , if you dare” a soft sultry voice echos out from the darkness inside

Taking a few furtive steps past the threshold, and just past the door they suddenly creek and slam shut behind you, leaving you in utter darkness. You wait for your eyes to adjust as you peer into the eerie darkness, willing your eyes to see. Your heart thudding hard against your chest, cool air brushes your cheek and your nose detects a soft scent of lavender. Frozen afraid to step, your eyes still cannot see.

Suddenly you feel dozens of soft finger tips , touching, tugging, stroking at your clothes, you reach out to grab them , deflect them but they seem unaffected on their assault, you grab at a hand only for it to vanish with your touch. You feel your clothes being tugged and pulled and suddenly soft cool hands cover your eyes……. “you have one chance to leave, this is it. Leave and never know the exquisite pleasure you could experience, or stay, submit and surrender.”

You feel your knees quake at the sensual voice, your trembling lips eek out a “Stay.”

Suddenly you feel a soft  something across your eyes, satin? The firmness of what you can only guess as elastic around your head. Off center because even as your eyes desperately tried to see, and failed the blindfold told you there’s no chance of seeing, not now. The last of your clothes are off, since the cool air softly caresses your skin making the hair stand on end.

Naked vulnerable and  trembling, you feel hands grabbing your wrists……a command of .. “Walk”. Your steps

are tentative, uneasy and unsure and fall clumsily to the floor,luckily only a few of them needed to be had. You feel yourself being manipulated, arms up at a 90 degree angle, as  something soft yet firm wrap , you recognize their feel even though you cannot see. The unmistakable sounds of a bolt snap , snapping shut, feeling the weight your arms, now suspended……. in air by the cuffs.

Legs being spread wide,  and the trepidation in your rise.  Feeling whips of air brushing by your skin, someone moving? You try to press your legs together, WTF!! Spreader bar? Someone mainstream may be hard pressed to identify these things, what’s being done with you. This time your kinky curiosity is paying off, and your light dabbling in the sexual arts, your brain automatically clicked with understanding.

Soft brush of something feathery soft, up your inner thigh , chill bumps rise… you stiffen in anticipation…… it floats up your leg, dancing along your naughty bits , already swollen with excitement and fear. Down the inside of your other leg. Minute after minute, over and over sensual teasing as your brain yearns to identify the object.  Long soft fingers caress your chest, nipples and the soft sh sh…before each round of touch.

Silk scarf , or similar you identify next. Feeling it drag down up your chest, over  your shoulders down your back……….. swish and it swings between your legs, tugging back and forth feeBlindfold eroticaling as if in a naughty hammock for your nether regions. Flat, firm yet soft uneven, bumpy…  pushes against your cock, up against your belly. Tiny touches , rhythmical clenching manipulating and pulling the fabric across your cock. Foot, that’s a foot ……. toes probing… two feet now…. pumping, surrounding….. chill down your spine.

Firm hands around your throbbing member and balls. Feeling the  sleeve slip down and over your cock, tugging pressure increasing, feeling as if your cock is over inflated, almost painful, feeling a thick ring slip down at the base of that inflated cock, the pressure releases, sssssss.

Then Minute after minute. Hour after hour. Fingers stroking you to an edge, Lips, vibrators endless variations of stimulation, bringing you to the brink of orgasm over and over, unrelenting edging!

Finally things calm. No touching, all you can hear is your breath panting…… and the rush of blood through your ears as your heart thuds hard and cock bobbing with each beat.  You feel your sweat trickling, down your skin……. drop by drop………. when a feather like touch on your swollen purple member, up down, up down tickling at first and just the slightest touch tormenting, just a bit more and you’d cum……… your lips curl in delicious agony and you beg……. Please please let me go or let me cummmmmmmm!

Listen to the audio, to hear about how you can get a free erotic audio of this blog and what happens after pet, begs!

Erotic Audio

Erotic Audio

On 10/23 sexy Ms Nadia will have her turn at ya! Stay tuned!!