Hi there Cock Control Fans! Chastity Orgasm is today’s topic. Now I know I might have just lost a few of you but WAIT, STOP! Hear me out. Locking up your BFF isn’t for everyone, I get that. Or more to the point “it’s not for you, YET!” (laughs). If you are a fan of tease play, cock control or love the feeling of submission chastity is something I encourage you to explore! You’ll experience new levels of arousal, submission and perhaps even have your mind blown with the orgasms you achieve by adding male chastity and cock control. Wait, what? Orgasm? Chasity?  Read on


Chastity can be self monitored, no touching, masturbation or orgasm with out permission, and does not involve a cage. I have pets who are adept at doing so. The tug and pull of their biological directive is over ridden by My command. That’s hot for me!

I can be very naughty and if you are up for some workday fun, nothing gets me going like a sexy texting session! Gets you going as well! ha! Sitting at your desk that cock straining against your pants, if you were called out of your chair  you’d have to fumble for an excuse to stay seated “for a bit”.  You feel my control, you feel owned and the fact you can’t get up  lest you reveal your state of arousal hammers that home even further.

Chastity Orgasm

Cock Control

Chastity With A Cock Control Device

Chastity can also involve a chastity device. I would be fibbing if I said I hadn’t changed a male mind regarding locking up that cock. Like my older relative used to say “Hang around a barber shop long enough , someone is getting a hair cut”. You may come to me with that hard boundary “no cock lock up” and I will respect it. But is it my doing when you bring up the subject? Exciting and titillating when my pet starts making “noises” about locking up My cock! You know I do not hesitate to hop on board of that erotic train!

Chastity Terms

With each Mistress and each submissive the negotiations of chastity is always in order. How long will you be in that cage? Will chastity orgasm be on the table?  How long with her cock be locked in any one stretch? A Day, A week, months?

Well the short answer is  YES! All of the above. Does that strike fear in you? Let’s discuss. Nothing gets a male mind open, willing and wanting to submit and communicate like having that cock locked up. Why I say “all of the above” because for me , all of it IS on the table. Now , how far are we going to push those boundaries!?

For my new chastity pets there’s a period of adjustment. Learning chastity care tips. Finding the best fit, while wearing the cage for short periods of time and working up to 24/7. Regardless of the amount of time a newb uses that cage for the first time: a similar theme runs true. They always feel more submissive! It’s mind blowing to them and I sit back and smile, allowing it to sink in. You wanted to submit be controlled, to be owned? Nothing hits those erotic hot buttons like locking up My Cock!

Chastity Milking

There are a few fears out there that because My cock is locked it won’t experience any pleasure. Not true. You know I like to train my brain and body to respond exactly how I like. Exploring all of the erotic pleasures a body can give not just stroking the bone pleasure.

Milking a caged cock is something you’ve heard about. Massaging the testicles, pelvic area. Stimulating the brain toss in a few toys or other anal stimulation provides excellent milking for the chaste cock.  Making you feel more submissive, more owned on a level you’ve not experienced before.

As a matter of course your brain naturally begins to appreciate and experience pleasures of the body outside of your penis. Another mind  blowing revelation for some men.

Chastity Orgasm

But what about an actual orgasm? Is a caged cock (and I’m not talking about a long “lots of room” cage) able to orgasm.  For those younger males who may have not experienced ED issues, you think if it’s not fully erect it’s not cumming. Not true, that’s just how you have experienced orgasm to date. As you age, and some of you older gents can attest: orgasm can be had with a limp or “less than fully engorged cock”.

Orgasm in many ways is a learned skill. You learn how to touch and stimulate yourself in a manner to achieve orgasm. Many of you who’ve engaged with me know I like to tinker. I like to change the way you are able to orgasm. One finger O, humping O, tied O, Ruined orgasm. The list is as long as our imaginations. So chastity orgasm is no different. Your orgasm doesn’t have to be achieved by stimulation of the penis in the manner of which it has been previously trained to do.

With enough practice and mindset you WILL experience an orgasm in that cage for me. It is a different feeling, I’m told, so don’t be surprised if you didn’t think you climaxed! Just look for the telltale creamy load. What a Mind Fuck is that, humm pet?

Pushing those erotic buttons, your submission trained to perfection. My body responds as I require and you had an orgasm while My cock was locked. Chastity orgasm is not a misnomer, it’s a fact.

Until We Chat????

Chastity Mistress Erika