Wow, just one word to sum up my Locktober! My chastity pets did so well and made me so proud! Partially because the two I’m going to highlight today were NOT expecting it. They were awesome and proved their dedication and devotion to My Control Of My Cock!

Chastity Mistress

I’m not known for being a Chastity Mistress, but that’s not because I’m not interested in chastity. I find it a rather delightful tool in erotic play. I’ve written about chastity several times on my blog. .

I’ve not had a long term chastity pet, and when I say long term chastity I mean months. Those in need of or desirous of long term denial , just haven’t been on my radar. Well, I can think of one cockette holder who needs it, but as of today the funds haven’t been there for the cage. This tiny dancer needs a specially made tiny cage, which can get quite pricey. That’s ok. I’m here for the long haul. I have time.

I have helped some with emotional support through their chastity with another Mistress. I’ve even played with one  who enjoys chastity so much he is self imposed. I encourage him, milk him, but it’s up to him when to take that once or twice yearly orgasm.

Chastity Pets

Chastity is something I feel all men should explore at one time or another in their lives. Particularly if you are interested in, or enjoy submission. As I’ve mentioned before, it adds a whole new dimension to your sexuality. To your submission. Chastity is also a tool to help train the chronic masturbator. Re-focus that male mind to more productive and responsible activities.  So if you haven’t explored chastity think it over, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Chastity pets

I adore My Chastity Pets!

Chastity Pets Update

With all of this said I had two particularly delightful pets playing along with me for Loctober. Neither of them knew it ahead of time, as a test I sprung it on them towards the end of September. Before you get  your submissive panties in a bunch, these pets I know very well. Our negotiations of our play well fleshed out, and renegotiated often. They enjoy My control and are always eager to yield to Me. Even though a bit of trepidation ran through them, just like the fantastic submissive pets they are, they did not let me down. They pushed through those boundaries and in a BIG way!

They both exceeded their personal times locked for me and I couldn’t be more proud! Prostate Milking  and even caged ruined orgasms were on the menu since neither has ever gone a full month without shooting, in their lives. I’m not a mean mistress, to most , and I have the most success with the methods employed. They both learned a lot about themselves , about their submission to me. They  know who they are, and I won’t mention them by name or naughty detail. I’ll let them do so below, if they wish. Your gift to me this month has been spectacular and I thank them both for giving me their Gift Of Chastity.

Your Locktober

So now I want to hear about your locktober! Did you participate? If not,why not. If so, tell me about it. Are you desirous of LT LD Chastity Mistress? I’ll consider your application, email me.