Shiny balls , shiny balls, it’s cbt time in the city! Hello there, holiday pets. Did you happen by on the blog train? Read Ms. Christine’s naughty holiday cum eating blog! I’m now continuing on this blog train, I’m loving the idea of binding and tying up those naughty balls. You know they are naughty, too! Constantly screaming at you for release. Your selfish masturbation is a horrible habit we need to curtail!  So for this holiday blog, I’m going to tell you how I’ll keep your mind and your hands from jacking off this season!

CBT by the Fire

CBT Christmas Fun

CBT fun, wanna join?

I have four naughty chronic masturbators: Tiny,Quicky, Drippy and Moaner, dressed up as my little elves, with little red elf caps and a bell on the end. Wrist cuffs and a pretty red bow tie. Lining you up in front of the blazing fire, kneeling with your chubby’s swinging and hanging. Kneel pets! As you do you assume  the position with your hands behind your back, I take my velvet red ribbon and proceed to tie up your family jewels nice and snug! Around the penis and ball sack, up and around, between those balls. Oh, yes so snug! No more wrinkles on those balls! Ah but not too tight, nooo, after-all they’ll  be tied all night!

Dangling Shiny Balls

Oh yes, the ribbon looks so lovely wrapped around my packages.  So when I’m laid bare on the rug, in front of the fire, I beckon you all to service me. Tonight, you worship your Mistress.

Tiny ready’s for my foot massage, his tiny dick -lette and his tiny shiny balls are barely visible , peeking out from the red ribbon, as he squats on the stool in front of me. Mmm so nice, his rubbing lotions and tending lovingly to my lovely feet.

Quicky isn’t allowed anywhere my body until the new year. He’s allowed to look and to inhale my scent. You see, Quicky didn’t happen by his nickname by accident. Well, actually (laughing) he did! It seems his inexperience with women lead to a very unfortunate, and disappointing ruined orgasm during our last session. So his dangling shiny balls all tied up with ribbon is making me a delicious cocktail and some snacks.

Drippy gets to worship my breasts, and of course, Moaner gets to worship my pussy! His delightful moans are just what I need to keep me warm tonight!

I delight as their arousal and frustration over their tied up nut sacks increase! What a delightful scene with eight shiny balls sparkling in the firelight.

Won’t you join me?

Mistress Erika

p.s. do you recognize yourself in my Christmas elves? 😉 tee hee

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