Today we are talking about cock sucker humiliation. Hi, cocksucker! Oh what? you are not a cock sucker? Just a regular at my blog and tuned in for a taste of Moi? Fan-fukin-tastic! Pull up a seat, oh you are already sitting down? he he.  Continuing on our humiliation exploration today we are looking at the cocksucker and what about it is humiliating.

cockscucker humiliation

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Cock Sucker Humiliation in Today’s World

True, being gay is less of a stigma than in decades back. There are still small pockets of troglodytes here and there that still condemn  and ostracize those who have such proclivities. Some families where it is frowned upon, and fear of rejection for being who you are, are still real issues.  But we are not talking about YOU being GAY now are we? Nope, we are talking about you being curious about and loving the cock.  Bit different, don’t you think? I do.

Cock Sucker Humiliation Fantasy Play

A cock sucker starts out with the thoughts, then fantasies. Your curiosity about cock , most likely started a long time ago. But because your winky gets a stiffy over girls as well, it was easy to distract yourself. But those thoughts, and that porn when you look at it  begins to center more and more around how a cock might feel, taste, and yes even smell.  One day your self love session ended and, as you were cleaning up your spunky mess, you realize the thought and images were all about the cock and little else. You blushed even though you were by yourself. What kind of man are you, to have those thoughts? You barely went back to watching that kind of porn, for weeks in fear of what it meant.  If you like to suck cock are you gay? If you like cock are you bisexual? People see you as a hetro, male in charge, what would they think if they KNEW? There in lies your humiliation. Humm?

Cock Sucker Humiliation – More than Fantasy

You are ready for the next step? You’ve come accustomed to your minds naughty thoughts abut cock. Now you are upping your game. Exploring those cock curious desires.  You need help to explore and see if this is really what you want. Dildo’s , talks lots of mind blowing O’s thinking practicing, and learning with Mistress.  Certainly now that you have opened your Pandora’s box, you’ve talked with me ,your first step on the humiliation journey. Exposing those cock sucking desires to another human. Heard your OWN VOICE utter those words aloud.

Once you submit to me, there’s no telling where we can go. One lovely way to give yourself an “out” is to engage in erotic play with Mistress and you can “dot it for her”. Then soon, your cocksucking for Mistress makes a turn, an evolution and you accept your bi-sexual humiliation  your need to be a cock sucker for Mistress. Now you are both satisfied! 🙂

Where ever you are on your journey,and whatever your desires. Becoming the biggest cock sucking sissy, or finding that one cock to service as life permits, time to enlist a sound mind to guide your cock sucking journey.

Cock Sucker Trainer, Erika