Do you think you need to control your cock? I hear it all the time,  guys attesting that their penises have a mind of their own.  Ruled by your cock, are ya? Well, that bodes well for me, don’t you think? Your biological directive, my wickedly sexy mind , why you have a recipe for some hot kinky fun! Controlling that cock is fun for me, and you either have or will learn how hot and kinky it can be for you, too! The only thing stopping you is your own mind. The road blocks we put up for ourselves.

Control Your Cock by Giving up Control

You mention cock control to some and they kinda get a sick feeling inside! Right? Silly guy, no, no I hear you say! I always control my cock, Erika! Well, do you really control your cock? In reality, in many ways you have already  given up control. You just don’t realize it. This is just an “in your face” direct relinquishing of that control.

You see, some are greatly bothered by the amount of time their cock demands attention. Others find their love meter running on high,  better than an amusement park on a sunny spring day. Doesn’t much matter to me , either way you are a candidate for Femdom cock control.

True, most women rule that cock. When you get to fuck when you don’t. Hell, even finding alone time Females seem to always rule when you and Mr. Fuck Pole get to play by yourselves.  That’s why you have to have quality time alone and I can train you to maximize that alone time.

Stroke for Mistress

Control your cock by giving up control! It’s not as easy as one may think. You’re used to playing with your penis, and doing as your mind and body compel you to do. Slower, faster. Using a toy or not.  Add an element of surprise, and teach your brain to respond instantly to any of my commands. Submissive feelings will definitely be on the rise along with your horny cock. Best kind of training there is , guys.

Still skeptical? I don’t blame you. Particularly if you’ve never really tried to give up control of your cock this way. Tell you what. We have a great event this Saturday May 26th. Check out my pinned post and strokers rewards for more. Without a huge investment YOU can get a TASTE of what cock control is all about. So , control your cock by giving up that control to me.

Until we chat,

Cock Control Mistress Erika