Cross Dressing Feminization Training is today’s topic. Last time we talked about sissy bimbo slut training.   Someone interested in cross dressing, isn’t necessarily interested in the bimbo, or slut aspect for their feminization transformation. Dressing like,  relating to and emulating “non-bimbo” females is the primary focus. What could you expect from training?

Cross Dressing Feminization

Cross Dressing Feminization

Cross Dressing Feminization Training Sexual Element

There is often a sexual, sensual element for cross dressers when enveloping themselves in their feminine persona. Using that sexual element, the arousal and the interest. Keeping you hyper focused with that energy and use it for OUR advantage!

From shopping for your fem things, keeping you on track using your feminine energies to shop for your wardrobe, to getting waxes or mani pedi’s. Practicing your walks, sits and multiple other mannerisms more akin to your every day woman is a must while you are hyper aroused, focused.

Feminization Training

Mentioned above, using your sexual interest we’ll hone your comportment. Lessons in  feminizing makeup  to help you look as fem as you’ll be feeling.  Of course  work on your feminine walk and  walking  in heels. Inspection of your nails, toes, seams on stockings. Straps straight and smooth.  There is so much to be aware of when exploring your feminine side and being feminine! But not only your mannerisms, and appearance on the schedule but so is taking care of and training your feminine brain. Looking out onto the world from feminine eyes, acting and reacting. “BEING” in the world as your femme self.

LDW Feminization Training

Your training can be casual and fit your schedule and a personal one on one experience.  With each session we’ll review what you’ve accomplished discuss the challenges and successes. Make an work on smaller feminine goals, like finding the right clear mascara, or lip gloss. I love having fantasy sessions, or role plays where we help you practice and interact as your femme self in various social scenarios!

Some Mistresses also offer feminization circuit training, there are a few options, check them out! By  having our own forum,  to share in your feminization journey! Currently Paulina has enrolled in our complete beginners feminization circuit training program. You may know Paulina from her other self,  Petey Cream Puff.  But it was decided on a consultation call with Mistress Erin that if you are going to ask us to feminize you, to help you reach your full fem potential it just won’t do with a modicum of maleness that we can easily dispose of: The name! So with a bit of consultation with the training Mistresses Petey is now known as Paulina.

The Mistresses in her training are: Myself, Mistress Erin, Mistress Olivia, Mistress Cindy and  Mistress Alyssa! I know Paulina is going to have her hands full for the next while. Stay tuned to this blog and the other Mistresses for updates on our fun with Paulina!

What does your feminization dreams consist of? I want to know. Let’s connect soon and discuss!

Until we chat ????

Feminization Mistress Erika

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