Humiliation is relative, isn’t it? While the idea cuckold humiliation turns one humiliation addict on, for others it does nothing for them. But oh, for those who do get a charge out of it: Cuckolding is replete humiliation opportunities! Do you fantasize about cuckolding? Been in a cuckolding relationship? I’d like to hear from you. Let’s take a look and you can add your particular take on this fascinating sexual kink!

Cuckold Humiliation

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Cuckold Humiliation SPH

As I mentioned, what rises one willy may not do it for another. There are those who are into  cuckold humiliation largely for SPH. They have an inadequate penis, they know it. Their partner knows it. Is that why you like  cuckold humiliation: a bit of penis envy mixed in with, living vicariously via that large cock. The  emasculating act of another, larger cock, giving your wife the pleasure she just doesn’t have with you makes your four inch wonder swell. Look, just the look on her face, the look of pure pleasure that your cock hasn’t been able to give her makes you want to cum!

Bi-sexual Cuckold Humiliation

Not for everyone considering cuckolding is aroused  by the thought of bi-sexual interaction with their wife’s bull. After-all, they’re not gay right? Keep your mind open, you never know what levels of humiliation you’ll rise to, if you are in the room. As your submission to your cuckolding wife increases , your arousal over the humiliation  increases as well. Then one day after being denied for some time, precum leaking all over, your mind and body flooded with sex hormones and your mind turns to mush you just might find yourself touching that big beautiful cock and guiding it to her pleasure palace! Once you’ve crossed that bridge, there are only a few steps to having that same big beautiful cock in your mouth!

Cuckold Humiliation:  Clean Up Duties

Also known as : Clean Up on Aisle…Your Wife’s Pussy! How more humiliating can you get than having to serve as a your wife’s personal pussy cleaner after that bull emptied his load of jizz in her.  You almost explode yourself, as you hear his thunderous orgasmic groans his hips thrusting pumping his life giving syrup into her hot snatch. Eventually pulling his semi-erect cock from her. Crawling up next to her, fondling her breasts as she lovingly strokes that cock that just brought her so much pleasure. Stopping to wink and curl her finger in a “come hither” motion, she points to her steaming snatch. You swallow hard, what does she want, what does she mean? Your brain screams: No, NO you won’t do that! Taste another man on her! But your cock throbs and compels you to your knees.

Oh look how the time flies. There’s so much more to explore, isn’t there? I’d love to hear you input. Send me an email, or comment below or better yet. Call me and we can finish this fantasy together: I want you to cuckold me. Bye for now!