Hey there naughty f’er! Looking for some Cuckolding Mistress Tips? Welcome to cuckolding 101 with your favorite smart ass Goddess! I know I’ve written a lot about cuckolding over the  years but it’s always good to refresh! Cuckolding is a complex dynamic that involves a LOT of “other” kinds of kink. There is no one size fits all, but there are some common elements that I’ll discuss today.

If you don’t identify as a cuck, or are not aroused by the thought of cuckolding, don’t click away!
1- That would make me very sad! The longer you stay and the more pages you visit the better it is for me!
2- Cuckolding involves or CAN involve lots of other yummy kinky elements so perhaps ONE is up your ally!

The Cuckold Third Element

The main difference between cuckolding and all the kinky behavior that may ensue is the element of that “Third Other”. This “other” receives all the sexual accolades. Most importantly this third element is desired by your love interest, over you.

Now you might think I’m trying to be difficult with the use of “other”. Some of you are saying “Just say STUD or Bull“. The reason I don’t jump to those stereotypical terms, when it comes to the umbrella term of  “cuckolding” there isn’t necessarily that element.  Only with  a narrow view of cuckolding that you think your love interest is interested in cuckolding you with another male. (WOOOOOOOOT?)

That’s right. Your love interest stepping outside of your relationship and getting the pleasure she deserves doesn’t necessarily involve another male.  Ever hear of lesbian cuckolding, toy cuckolding? In both of these scenarios the “Other” is not a male.

Can you imagine your love interest cuckolding you with another woman? Many enjoy lesbian porn, you don’t have to deal with your feelings about seeing another hot n hard cock.

How about she’d rather have sex with a TOY, over you? Talk about “mind fuck” , hum? “OK hunnykins time for me to have some pleasure, please fetch me my vibe! Ha ha, you get to sit outside listening to her moan  or better yet, sit in a chair as you see how a TOY pleases her better than you ever could.

Another cuckolding Mistress tip will be: when talking in general terms about cuckolding,  the labels of stud or bull may not be welcomed by the participants.  By all means if it gives a rise to your fries and drives you insane to hear “Oh that big bull cock feels Soooo GOOD!” then I will employ that tool!

Cuckolding Basics

Most who are interested in cuckolding usually come about it in one of two ways. Either a nice long jerk-o-thon and you stumble upon some hot cuckolding porn. You, identify with the cuckold, vs the woman or the other partner and “away we go!”. Your brain screams “Yes yes MORE OF THAT” and Voilà, a cuckie is created!

Others have been cuckolded in their relationships. Although painful at first, their journey turned into something erotic. Processing the emotions upon finding out or encouraging your love interest to “get what she deserves” is a total Mind Fuck for many. Many who love cuckolding turn those strong emotions into erotic arousal and interest!

Cuckolding always has an element of humiliation in it. The humiliation can be mild and sensual, all the way through to soul searing and debasing.

Otherwise ya just have some sexy people having some sexy fun!

Cuckolding Journey

There is no right way or wrong way to be a cuckold. That’s really the main cuckolding Mistress tip I have.  It really is up to the Woman In charge, traditionally referred to as the hot wife. So if it pleases her to have you in pink panties, in a chastity cage and fluffing her lover then that’s what, ultimately, you’ll be doing.

Some will never get so intimate and close to their love interests sexual pleasure. Perhaps you get to hear first hand. Kneeling at the door listening in. Or even more removed than that: they get to hear naughty stories regaling the accolades of their sexual satisfaction at the hands of another..

Cuckolding 101

Cuckolding desires

Some kinky elements which can be found in cuckolding fun:

More cuckold Mistress tips would be that one or more of these kinky activities may be found in a cuckolding journey! But I have to warn you, wherever you start on  your cuckolding journey, chances are as you grow into your role you might find yourself incorporating some of these kinky activities in your future. It is the nature of the game, the more  you play the more you want those boundaries pushed!

Feminization– The cuckold is not only humiliated by not being the “man” and being replaced. But you are also physically transformed on the outside to match your weak persona.

Servant /Submissive– Not necessarily feminization but definitely existing in a submissive role. An apron wearing servant for the Alpha couple. You get to pay for her baubles, clothes , car etc. You get to serve them meals , keep house whatever makes her life easier. Plus you never know, she might take pity on your peanut and let you stroke and squirt on her leg!

Bi-sexuality– Adding a cock sucking element to cuckies play, turns you into a cock sucking cuckold! Getting that hot cock ready for her! But not only cock sucking is in play!  It can include stroking and even cuckold ass pounding. This is a difficult element for some cuckolds, others take to it like they were gay, or something. *shrug*

Ha ha *winks* Seriously, tho. Many with repressed bi-sexual urges find their place as a cock worshiping cuckold at the behest of their love interest. After all you’re “not gay” you just suck cock as a cuckold, right? *smirk*

Chastity – Orgasm control is often a favorite past time for Any Dominant Woman and cuckolding is no exception. Although many cucks don’t have much of a cock, those little buggers still work FOR THEM, just not for her. I don’t mean erectile dysfunction, I’m talking pussy rejection, sweet pea. It is well known that if you control the cock you control the man, and chastity training is a great way to train that male brain and is as easy as Ring, Cage and Lock!

Humiliation –  As I’ve mentioned before , for it to be considered cuckolding some level of humiliation is present. The humiliation can remain purely in the cucks head, all the way to harsh degradation. Do you know where you are in the cuckold humiliation continuum?

Each one of these elements are chock full of details and each can easily be an entire blog post as a continuum for My Cuckolding Mistress tips. My question to you is: Are YOU interested in delving Deeper? Let me know!

Cuckolding Mistress Tips – Sessions

There are a lot of emotions and things to work through, when you are a cuckold. Not only what I do involves erotic sex play but being a sounding board, and having a safe place to be is always needed when you are a cuckold.

If you are turned on but are afraid to go down that “rabbit hole”, I understand!  It’s true, cuckolding is a very challenging kink on many levels, in particular for the cuck. You were conditioned that as a “man” you shouldn’t enjoy this kind of erotic play! So why does your dick get hard thinking about it?  I understand your reservations and know you might have questions that you can’t discuss with anyone else, hat’s why I’m here!

If you are into role play cuckolding sessions, or needing cuckold training to help and support through your journey I’m but a phone call away! With role-playing sessions, we work through the behaviors required of you as a cuck. Much of your consternation about being a cuck, can be about how well you perform. Could you imagine the horror if you spit out, or gagged on Her lovers big cock? You want to perform your duties well, after all it is the ONLY way you’ll please her. Since your male appendage doesn’t do it.

Cuckold Assignment

For my last Cuckolding Mistress Tips is an assignment. After all if you are a cuck, you need to learn to obey!
For your cuckold assignment listen to the audio, and obey! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until We Chat ????

Cuckold Mistress Erika

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