What a fantastic week I’m having with Cum Eating! I’ve heard from several naughty cum eaters and I’ve enjoyed every single one of my cum addicted “snowflakes”. Each one is a bit different. Everyone traveling on their own path, are at different . They bring up some very interesting topics to discuss and I would be interested in your two cents!

Are You A Cum Eater Or Cum Curious

As I’ve discussed with my ejaculate junkie’s this week. You are not a cum eater if you are simply cum curious. The idea is erotic and hot. You’ve masturbated to the fantasy, porn or pics for how long? But you’ve never managed to get that spunk to your mouth. Once the big O hits, the big “E” (erotic) is gone as well. That’s how I met submissive: D.

He is cum curious, and has fallen upon that catch 22 of ejaculate consumption. Frustrated and unable to do it “on his own” He was “trying out” various Mistresses and personalities to get a feel, a taste of who we are. Congrats to sub D! That’s exactly how you do it. Perhaps an email with an introduction to see if I’m on board with the naughty play is welcomed, but not necessary. Then a quick call to say hello and get better acquainted.

I told sub D , when he asked how confident I was that I could get him to eat his cum. “If you are being genuine with me about your desire to eat cum I am 100% confident you will do it.” He seemed skeptical, so I laid out my logic for him.

You’ve already taken this step calling me about the fantasy, desire. He not called “lines like this” before. That gives me an indication of movement, on your part. I just have to latch on, add my own momentum and a few tried and true techniques to get that yummy cummie to your mouth.

Thinking about it means you are: cum curious.
Tasting that spunk means you are a: spunk taster.
In order for you to be a cum eater, that cum must be IN  your mouth and swallow.
Moving on.

Now You Are A Cum Eating Addicted Stroker

Then there is submissive R, who came to me a few months ago, in the same boat as “D”. Always wanting, dreaming and fantasizing about cum eating, his own. Delving into R’s mind, applying just the right amount of “motivation” and don’t you know it: naughty here finally ate his cum for Mistress! He was blown away. Telling me that couldn’t believe he finally did it. How long he thought about it, tried to do it on his own and with others to no avail. This cum eating beginner quickly became addicted to my erotic whispers, taking him further and further down that rabbit hole. After a few weeks, and his love of cum firmly in place pet did what some do. With that safe environment, someone who delights in helping others push their erotic boundaries, submissive’ R’s thoughts evolve.  R wants cum alright, but he’s not sated with his own cum any longer.

Further Down That Cum Eating Rabbit Hole

Which brings me to cum eating, cock sucking submissive “M”. Michael. Michael is a delicious submissive. I say delicious because not only is he great to talk with, kinky and fun. But he loves the taste of cum. M is a taster. Taste of a sweet ass as he worships and pleases Mistress. Taste and feel of a beautiful foot as it teases his manhood and raises to his mouth.

However, cum is his passion. He calls LDW and a few other Mistresses regularly. He was once in “D’s” shoes, dreaming and wanting to be a cum eating slut. He credits Ms Amber and LDW for providing that space , free to explore for helping him finally eat that ejaculate! He continues to do so because as he say’s: Where else can I get the support, and encouragement. Not like I can turn to a friend and say “Man I like eating cum!”.

Cum Eating By The Numbers

Michael is also a numbers guy, and I told him I bet out of 8+billion people HE is one of a kind! I think you are going to agree with me, you can’t match his dedication: As of Yesterday July 5th, day 186 he has consumed 601 loads of cum with a yearly goal of 1,000 loads! Now I hear you guys, WTF how is he eating on average 3 loads a day?

M is not a young guy, either. Like “R” above his cum eating addiction is in overdrive. He has been able to arrange a few play partners to help him with his desires. All vetted and safe, one even freezes his cum when he masturbates so he can have a cool tasty treat when they get together.

We loosely crunched some numbers and admittedly his goal of 1000 in a year is going to be a challenge!  I then said even at 800 a year, times (aprox) 20years that’s over 16,000 loads. That’s not factoring in his activities of the last 5 years. He will easily consume over 20,000 loads of  yummy cummy in his life.

What do you think about that? Could you even imagine coming close?

Finally, a gift. Michael presented to me. Promised me that for as long as he lives, he will eat every drop of his ejaculate. He will put every sperm he makes into his mouth, savor and swallow it. No drop wasted. Period. An amazing promise and an amazing gift. Thank you.

Cum Eating, you in?

Is Sucking Cock In My Future?

Now before some of you start slapping your dicks and running away , fearful that your cum eating desires will lead to  sucking cock and what that means. STOP! Don’t be silly. Everyone is different. I know plenty of CE (cum eaters) who are quite satisfied with being naughty and eating it for me. But be forewarned, finding yourself in a welcoming atmosphere where your mind is free to explore, I will not guarantee it WON’T happen.

Also to mention, eating cum can take on many forms. If you are a fan of this page, you might think all of the above is humiliating. For some it is, for others it is an awakening of your true sexual desires. Humiliation takes a back seat here for these hot~n~horny pets! Check out some of my other posts on Cum Eating. Then I want to hear from you!

Until we chat????

Mistress Erika