Today’s blog is a follow up from last week when I talked about Coached Cum Eating.  Join me as we take a closer look at the winning vote for cum eating lessons. I put up a poll to see which method you want used to help a virgin cum eater  swallow that first load of hot white cum! 

Cum Eating Lessons

1-800-601-6975 Eat Your Cum

 The winning vote was so interesting, and as I started to write about it , I realized this subject will need to be covered over a few blogs!  The reason behind my madness will unveil itself right before your very eyes. Stay Tuned!

(insert suspense music here)

Most Effective Cum Eating Lessons

I would be hard pressed to guarantee success with one method or the next. People are funny creatures, so dynamic, diverse and complex you just can’t say there is ONE method that has more success than the next for every single person. It also depends on your goals regarding eating your own cum. If your goal as a Mistress is to have the sub eat cum, then a threat to (or actually) throttle you and /or pull on your nut sack until you are screaming in pain will make sure you eventually acquiesce.  Unless you get the subbie that prefers nut sack torture or throttling, right?  Then perhaps negative punishment works best for them.

Mind Fuckery Not Necessarily Evil

But if you are like me, and “enjoy the journey” and would like to have an everlasting effect on behavior and desires, then one of the most enjoyable way to change a person’s behavior, some might view as mind fuckary.  I don’t necessarily think it as “mind fuckery”, nor do I think all mind fuckery  is all evil.   Don’t get excited, mind fuck/behavior modification is something we all have either done, participated in with others and encouraged by lack of omission. So we are really just discussing where on the continuum we feel comfortable playing with and allowing in our lives.  Right? Also, never fear, no one is doing anything without consent!

Beneficial Behavior Modification

Now, let’s explore and have some fun! But perhaps I’m preaching to the choir? After all, you are here because you have an interest and are not easily offended, are you? So then, let’s roll. Mind Fuckery:  the process of changing your mindset, then your behavior to achieve the desired result.

But, if you come to me with a goal and ask for my suggestions, I am more likely to suggest a several-pronged approach to achieving the goal. Many of which were on the poll.  Yes, including mediation, masturbation affirmations.  Negative punishment, positive punishment and another popular one is food play.  I personally think it’s fun to play with a bit of food! Bread is a trusted choice, but perhaps your favorite food would be more palatable? Pair up the favored thing, with the less desired ingredient and you can have some fun with food. I have to give a big shout out to one voter, who voted under the “OTHER” option. They said to use coconut oil as lube to add a nice flavor! Several others thought more than one approach would be fun as well! Thank you for your input.

Eating your own cum is easy when you work with a coach.  On your call we’ll discuss various lessons, to encompass the protocol that would be best for you. Don’t delay Oh, wait…please Delay ???? , call me and let’s create a customized cum eating lessons today!

Tune in Friday when I announce a very hot promotion for Affirmation April!