Alright ladies, custom feminization training is our topic today. It’s the last post (for now) about Feminization training before I move onto other pastures, Friday.  I know we have a lot of fun with outrageous sexy and slutty escapades around here. And some aspects of feminization are no different. There’s a plethora of cock sucking cum sluts dreaming of, begging to and actually doing the dirty dressed in their dainties. There are those, however, who view their exploration of their feminine side quite differently. Let’s see.

Custom Feminization Training

What custom feminization training means is: nothing is cookie cutter. I don’t assume you want or desire the same “feminization” as any other person I’ve worked with. You are unique, so are your circumstances. So we’ll chat, and as we do I learn about you and your feminization goals. I’ll assess where you are now and devise tasks, assignments and goals all geared to reach your desired feminization goals. Some important things to consider

1- Boundaries for your Feminization: IE: Private play? Going out?
2- Ability and time it takes to complete tasks, improve skills with homework.
3- Your ability to call.

Casual Custom Feminization Training

Taking a casual approach is sometimes easiest for most. What I mean is, we have a session discuss our lesson plan (derived from previous getting to know you session) discuss and assign tasks/homework and due dates. If you don’t call, there’s no new task or lesson. With this approach you are not required to call every week if your schedule is tumultuous, learn as you have the time.

Taking Your Feminization To Other Levels

Most who want feminization also crave for others to see them for who they are, who their fem self is. Walking out the front door decked out in the Feminization traininglatest designer dress and stiletto’s isn’t in the cards. So what are you to do? To have people address you by your fem name. See you as your feminine self is something you’ve desired then we can do that.  We have Enchantrix Empire, our kinky social network. You can create your own online femme persona, and exist in the world of Enchantrix as your femme self. Since Enchantrix is our own private social media platform we provide your femme self a safe place to be you!

I’ve recently helped Mandy, one of the ladies I’ve been working with sign up with an account.  It’s really a big deal.  She has the ability , now, to express herself to the world as Mandy. Have people see and relate to her as Mandy. Why her email and most other things now reflect her new femme self, and last I heard she couldn’t be happier!

Virtual Feminization

And lest we forget our fantastic Virtual World Phone Sex option! If  you have the patience and inclination for a bit of a learning curve I encourage you to explore this virtual option. Creating your own female avatar, and existing in the world as your femme self. Check out our blog and various pages and learn more about how your feminization training can be done virtually.

Don’t put off thinking about, planning or improving your feminization journey. You’ll be glad you did and I’ll be glad I was a part of it!

Feminization Mistress Erika????