Hello kinky’s welcome back! Do you enjoy being spanked? How about spanking yourself for Mistress? Punishment for most. Fantastic funishment for some. It is erotic and humiliating all at the same time and I adore doling out some hot ass fun! I was ever so pleased the other day with a fantastic submissive, we’ll call B. Now, B might out himself further, below, as he is a frequent visitor to my blog. That is for him to decide, though. We had so much fun I spoke with him about sharing a bit of it with you.

Erika It’s My Birthday

I was contacted by B, via email, about a very special treat he was going to give himself. A session with me!
I’ve had the pleasure of having previous sessions with him and was very pleased at the thought of having another! Not only that, but he’s celebrating something fantastic: The day the world was introduced to him! I was more than happy to make his celebration a kinky one!

Birthday Spanking

Not only was it a special celebration but it was going to include spanking. Submissive B is a rather stoic gentleman. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It is what it is. But if you know anything about me, you know I like a whimpering panting slut. Submissive B, always wanting to please asked for my advice on how to please me during this session. I did give him an assignment do to during the days leading up to our session.  It seems Submissive B took his lessons to heart and I was very pleased.

Do You Enjoy Being Spanked?

I have no doubt that submissive B’s answer to “do you enjoy being spanked” is an unequivocal YES. I could see his enjoyment because submissive B was on cam for me. There was no holding back and he applied those spanks with great deft , devotion and exactly as prescribed! So much so I had to follow up in a couple of days to see if he was “o.k!”. Of course before we signed off I made sure he was ok. But after such an intense session, and since I have his email address it was called for. With what I saw in session: with the red angry welts and even a slight abrasion I had to follow up to make sure he tended to the evidence of his submission.

Don’t Know If You Enjoy Being Spanked By Mistress

I think submissive B’s idea is a fantastic one! I know most of you can’t call all the time. Alone time and budgets play a big part of your abilities. I get it. But why not celebrate that next birthday, or reward yourself  for that next “big win” ? Just like B, we can review what our naughty celebration would entail ahead of time. Email or DM me on twitter. I can even get private messages at Enchantrix Empire.
Until then, I want to hear some of  your ideas of what would be in YOUR celebration session! Panties? Vibes? Ejaculating dildos? How about a sissy shopping trip! So many ways we can play and celebrate!

What Would You Taste With A Session With Me?

It seems submissive B was more than appreciative of our session, and there is no greater gift than the gift of knowledge. He was thoughtful and left a fantastic Mistress Review! Check it out here. Mistress Erika’s Reviews. The fantastic thing about Ms Ally’s call review options is each review you leave (with your paid session) enters you into a MONTHLY drawing for 30 free minutes with the Mistress of Your Choice! I am SOoooOO not kidding! Check it out here: Rate My Call

So if you are curious about a session with me, take it from him, regarding what  you can taste with a session with me:

Spanking by Erika

For Your Erotic Spanking Session 1-800-601-6975

Until I spank you ????

Mistress Erika