First Saturday is back at the request of several fans. It’s an informal post, just fun fantasies which I’ve had, you’ve had or those kinky erotic role-plays we do together. Since this is the first Saturday of the month here we go with Donna’s Extreme Feminization!

He didn’t know what he was getting into. This sexy , assertive woman was interested in him. He found himself craving her attention. So wanting and needing to please. After all his biological directive his DNA it’s encoded to need to please a potential mate. Their relationship deepened and although she was overtly sexual in her dress , mannerisms and delightful teases nothing like a romp in the hay was happening. He was left hard , wanton and needing more after each encounter.

Just as she had planned.

Their next date was quite unlike the others, there was an air about her tonight. Her perfume radiated from her in a soft sensual lavender musk which drew him in even further. Her dark long shining hair framed her face flowing down her shoulders, the ends swaying along those full breasts.  The low cut soft chiffon dress with the flirty skirt accentuated her curves perfectly. When she drew him in for a soft sensual kiss he felt his knees go weak.

He had never really focused on such small feminine nuances before. A thought which drifted in and out of his mind in a flash, before his attention was drawn to those pretty long legs as she crossed and uncrossed them. The teasing intensified from there. Long leisurely dinner, where he found her soft foot doing naughty things under the table.

By the end of the evening he was in a sexual frenzy. His head swirled and his cock throbbed as they began to make out. One too many drinks he thought, and with both of them panting pawing at each other she stops. Pushes him away, he groans and finally pleads. Oh Erika, please let’s not stop here, I want you I need you. You drive me crazy!

I laugh, a soft sensual giggle that say’s I now have you where I want you. Mmmmmmm Would you do anything for me?

Panting, sweat glistening from his forehead…… “Yes!”

Mmmm I don’t know about that, slipping my legs down to the floor ,then standing feeling your eyes on me. As I smooth down my clothes I express more doubt. You know why we haven’t been intimate yet, yes?

No, he replies I don’t. Well that is because I’m a Woman of certain predilections and there are few men who can meet to my expectations. I Require, no, I demand full and complete obedience. Can you do that?

He leans back, brushing his hand against his forehead mopping up that sweat. Yes, he says again on auto pilot his loins screaming for attention.

Very well, then. Follow me.

She leads him down the hall……. to a back bedroom. When she opens and shows him in it’s an ultra classic feminine bedroom. Victorian vanity, canopy bed and off to the one corner a door , he can see a large walk in closet filled with feminine attire.

You’ll strip and wait for me here.

She turns on the ball of her foot, and exits. He quickly disrobes putting his clothes on a chair near the door. He begins to look around the room and giving his throbbing cock a few soothing strokes. When she bustles in , with a petite blond with fantastic lips, oh that lipstick is divine he thought and immediately wondered where “that came from”.

“What are you doing” I ask , when I see his hand on his male member.
What? hum?

I told you I like obedient men, did I ask you to pleasure yourself? Blushing at my reference realizing his subconscious stroking was caught, by both of these beautiful women. You’ll have to make amends for you transgression, Lainy show my friend her how he can make amends. Laney moves to the tall lingerie chest in the corner of the room. You notice the short quick steps she makes, how her posture is perfect. Her hair , dress perfectly fem.  She pulls out a pair of pink lace panties, kneels before him,  opens up the waist and waits.

I command “put them on”. Your mind screams what? NO! Your cock screams who the fuck cares if this gets me laid! With a stammer and a nervous chuckle you say “Oh Ok, I’ll humor you”.

With that wise assed comment I turn back around , pulling something from a drawer. Oh we have a smart girly mouth do we? Your head spins as I take a pair of panties and shove them in your mouth. You feel yourself sinking down, only realizing you are doing so out of weakness. Your head spinning with desire, these quick turn of events, why are you still aroused? What is happening? Your brain struggles for rhyme or reason, but there isn’t one.

This woman you’ve been pursuing has turned the tables, you feel so submissive yet so turned on.

The fervor in my eyes at your insolence makes you tremble……… My nails dig into your shoulders as I lean down and seethe in a harsh tone. “I was going to go easy on you, but you are an uppity little bitch. Not everyone gets to visit my playroom, and I invite you in and what do you do? Make fun?

Lainy , take his boy clothes destroy them , and leave us for the night. Lainy obeys without question, looks over at you  , as she gathers your things and gives you a wicked smile which sends a trickle of fear though you.

Look Erika, I don’t know what…………. and I cut off your words with my lips. Once again teasing tormenting that weak male brain and body. Once again you are a panting drooling and begging for more.

The rest of the evening was a blur……… bra’s stockings pantie’s teasing. Words like “you’re mine now Donna” “No escaping now Donna” ” It feels so good to be fem, Donna”

The morning breaks and the soft light filters into the room, he wakes surrounded by flowered sheets and a soft smell of cotton. wiping the sleep from his eyes pulling back the covers he is shocked. Locked in pretty pink panties and a bra, sits fully up and gazes at the unfamiliar image in the mirror across the room. Hands sliding down feeling the fabric and and takes inventory. ……………. Pink collar locked around his neck with “Donna” on it, his feet locked into a pair of pretty stilettos. His heart beating fast , his mind reeling back to last nights events.

You see  a note on the end table. “Good Morning Donna, be a good girl. I’m out for a run. I want coffee and breakfast ready for me when I get back” XOXO.

Those words which would be met with sarcasm “be a good girl” suddenly felt good, whole. He was happy Mistress gave him this task. Smiling he mouths the words: Yes, Mistress , and slowly wobbles out the door and thinking ” I hope one day to make her proud of my walk…………………