As I sit on my lanai out by my pool, I reflect back on my previous posts about eating cum. Naughty thoughts of my connections with you, I’m delighted by how many different kinks and fetishes involve eating cum! Of course, anytime we talk about sharing fluids, I always insist on vetting and being safe. Having taken care of that, let’s talk about cum baby, let’s talk about you and me, and all the fun ways we can eat. Let’s talk about cum.

Cum Eating Heterosexual

Bah! This is a no brainier, right? Being a sensual person I cannot imagine a more sensual, sexual and erotic way to explore your partner! Giving and receiving oral sex is by far one of my favorite activities to do with a lover. If it ain’t good for your face to be down there, that tells me a lot of what I need to know about you being a compatible partner! So once we are confident of moving into that realm, I’ll slurp up some  male juice like I’ve spent the last week roaming the desert. So naturally I have to ask, if I will eat  your cum why won’t you?

Cum Eating Submissive

As a submissive, eating your own cum may be a part of your journey with your Mistress. Cum curious, or exploring how the training and subsequent consumption of said cum interplay’s with your submissive nature. You won’t be the first guy to go from ew to yum, no shame pet. No shame. For when you do things in the name of your Mistress. To please  her, to obey her there is no shame, is there? No, pet. No. For you to feel shame over your actions would transfer shame to Mistress. You cannot have that, no we simply cannot.

Humiliation Cum Eating

Another common cum eating scene is humiliation cum eating.  Cock sucking and servicing an alpha male cock naturally will lead to cum eating. Cuckolding can and often does include cum eating. Humiliating for a straight man, or shall I say previously straight? Ha! I love, and delight in your woody breaking bricks from me handing you your manhood on a plate! Suck it fag, oh yea. You’re going to tell me you’ve never done such things? Bah ha ha! Liar, look at you, a pro! Don’t tell me you don’ t like it. My eyes are not lying to me. Now, be a good gay suck toy and beg for his cream.

Cum Eating Addiction

Eating cum

Yummy Cummie

Then there are those, so turned on, so over the top gaga for creamy stuff! They are more interested in the load than they are the man. They may suck dick but to them “the dick”  well, that’s just a tool to get the goo! They’ve gone from being totally hetero, and perhaps , cum curious to into a full blown  cum fetish , their insatiable thirst just grows. Their feeling of sexual satisfaction, must include cum!

I fear for this addict the most. Remember what I said before about safety? I call you an addict for a reason. You’ll do pretty dumb things, to get your white sauce! Reign yourself in , get involved with a Mistress to guide and control your slutty cum guzzling addition.

Mistress Erika