Let’s get right to  eating your own cum, shall we? It’s a common enough topic, well if  you’re me. Or maybe one of the other Mistresses.  How about you? Do ya think about it? Do ya hope I don’t think about it?  ha!  I’ve already explained why there’s no good reason not to eat your own cum, in my coached cum eating post.  So here are two excellent reasons why you should eat  your own cum, today!

Eating Your Own Cum Taboo

The fun reason to eat  your cum is just because it’s taboo or naughty! The Cum eating taboo is an excellent reason to push that boundary! One of the reasons you are “HERE” is to have those lines crossed!  You think eating cum will make you gay? Nope.  What if someone found out, would they think you were gay? <– that’s just silly!   Open  your mind, expand your boundaries! Stop living your life on “what ifs” and experience what could be!  If you are looking for that next new naughty deed, this is it!

Eating your own cum

Two Reasons To Eat Your Own Cum

Pleasing Mistress

Simply put, you eating your own cum pleases me for you to do so.  Part of why I simply love what I do, is experiencing those “firsts” with you.  You want to be submissive, and have those limits tested and explore your submissiveness. One of those firsts we can accomplish in our journey is successful cum eating.

Some all is required is a simple request and you comply. Perfect! But that certainly isn’t the norm. Some, most actually appreciate and are most successful with some discussion, some repetitive practice trials to create a muscle memory of what is needed for successful cum eating. Or even coming up with creative ways to eat that first load and cum in food, then eat the food.

It’ll be thrilling to examine your experience together.  Were you able to open your mind, see the act of eating your own cum as an act of submission, humbling you. Feeling proud?  Your ability to submit successfully and perhaps one-day less effortlessly when eating your own cum is something a submissive can feel good about.  Who knows you may even desire it again.

Eager Cum Eaters

Huge shout out to my eager cum eaters! I love your slutty  salacious ways to slurp that yummy cummy up! Cock sucker, at first, she’d have you beleive. But all in all it’s the cum she’s after! Ha!

I Had a fun call with  last weekend with Ashley and she was able to make me laugh with her enthusiasm and this cheer!  I’ll leave you with this, you should listen to the audio, it’s hilarious!

eating your own cum

eating your own cum

C-O-C-K  I’m gonna suck some cock today! 

B-a-l-l-s   I love to lick them yes yes yes!

*laughing* Talk soon!