Saturday night I had great fun, as always, in chat at Community Kink during the extra-long Sissy Pageant show!Ms Constance  was our lovely Hostesses for the show. In chat were some very Sexy Sissies, some new and our regular assortment of funny, sexy chatters, some of which are very sassy sissies themselves, other Mistresses and some adoring groupies of Ms. Constance were in attendance.   We were celebrating all  types of sexy sissies,  and giving them a chance to show off and strut their stuff.  I think everyone had a great time!  Three sexy sissies won prize baskets full of feminine fun things!! All of which brings me to this blog, enjoying sexy sissies.

Sissy Acceptance

Ms. Constance brought up a very important subject. What we could do to help foster a welcoming environment for who we affectionately refer to as Sissies. There were so many good answers and I wish there was that one perfect simple answer.  But alas there isn’t. I feel I just need to live my life and encourage others to live their lives with an open mind, not to tolerate bigotry when encountered.  Allow people to be who they are, not  be too quick to negatively judge.

Sissy Misconceptions

Not all Sissies are created equal. I know this, Mistresses know this but do all sissies know this? Until I get to know you, just because you like to caress, masturbate with or even wear sexy ladies’ lingerie I won’t assume you want to: 1- fully dress 2- go public now or ever 3- suck cock 4- be submissive.  There are plenty of heterosexual males who love  lingerie, and want to bed women. They may or may not have submissive desires. Some just want to share their passion and love for pretty sensual and sexual things with the sexy kinky woman in their life and that is it.

There is nothing wrong, either , for wanting to keep your lingerie loving, fully cross dressing sexy sissy side to yourself and never go public, or go out as a woman.  Sexy secrets are HOT. I feel honored you share that side with me. Your confidentiality is secure with me, and you have a friend to have some adult fun time with! Win-Win!

Other sissies go full tilt, donning their female persona’s devouring and becoming all things female. Wigs, or growing their hair out. Sissies learning how to apply makeup.  including being intimate with men. Some being demure and passive, others delighting in their cock-sucking and naughty goings-on! You know who you are!

Sexy Sissy Transformation

Then you have those individuals who have fantasies of transforming and living as a woman. Sexually titillating, these erotic thoughts may be for fantasy, or they have that real-life goal for themselves.  Either way it would be wise to let you know that as you explore transforming, as we explore your feminine side, as you start to look, feel and explore all things female you may (or may not) have images or feelings of having intimate relations with men. Rest assured, our minds are exercising trying on your new persona and it doesn’t mean you will eventually have intimacy with men.  Just know I’m here for you  and we can  discuss those ideas and feelings, explore them to see if it is a dead end, or something you want to explore further. It’s a wonderful journey, for sure. I’m more than happy to explore and go on that journey with you.

Regardless of how you see yourself,   I say celebrate it. Celebrate who you are, what you are just be sane safe and legal!Sexy Sissies