Erotic Confession Therapy through a phone sex service, at first blush seems fantastical. But it isn’t, and a good  portion of my sessions involve hearing your secret desires. But how  is someone telling a stranger their secrets considered therapy? Granted I am not a trained , by state laws, therapist but that does not negate the help I give to those in need. I often refer to my “kind of help” as BF (best friend) therapy. Let’s take a look at how and why Erotic Confession Therapy may be for you.

Erotic Desires

So you have these erotic desires and you know your social circle isn’t “down” with it. Family , friends lovers or wives just wouldn’t understand your naughty thoughts. Hell , you are ashamed of how perverted your thoughts are at times. Know, you are not alone and there are many erotic desires people don’t readily share with those closest to them. Fear of rejection, fear of irrevocably impacting the intimacy you have are strong motivators to keeping your mouth shut. What kind of Erotic Desires are often “covered up”. Let’s seee

Bi-sexual Desires

Is still a big taboo. Presenting as a heterosexual male for the past 20,30,40+ years and your best bud finding out you have a secret desire to suck cock just might find you pushed to the fringes, or worse, of your friend group.  You see, it may not necessarily be the act of bi sexuality which has them pushing you away it’s the misrepresentation of who you are, the betrayal, if you will, which fractures many relationships when secrets come out.

However, the longer you live with the secret the unhappier you become. I know you crave for an understanding, compassionate person who understands fully the corner you’ve found yourself backed into.

Erotic Confession

I’m listening

Feminization Desires

From wanting to wear pretty panties to full on guided feminization is not something the typical hetro, or homosexual male willingly discuses. Try as you might to push these thoughts and desires to the back of you mind just doesn’t work, long term. Your feminine desires are an itch you just can’t seem to scratch. In my experience this is NOT a phase. It’s not a KINK, per se. It’s part of your make up (no pun intended) who you are. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in touch with your feminine side to explore the sensuality and sexuality from a feminine perspective. But people , in general, just don’t get it.


What male in his right mind wants to thwart their biological directive? “That’s Crazy” is often the term I hear men use when talking about chastity. Who in your social circle understands your need for denial? My guess is not many, or Chastity Training wouldn’t be so popular at Enchantrix.

Small Penis Or Small Balls

Often men are embarrassed if their genitals don’t measure up. SPH or small penis humiliation is another *head scratch* for many. None of us are perfect and we all have something about ourselves we are not happy with. But to engage in play which humiliates you for something out of your control provides a lot of sexual stimulation for many. As I was writing this blog, as the “universe” so dictated I received  a call from a small testicle male. He comes to me for therapy. To help him accept  the fact his balls just don’t measure up. We dabble in affirmations, a bit of sensual humiliation and he told me today he has had dreams of our sessions

Erotic Confession Therapy

You often think- “why do I feel this way”, “how/why is this erotic for me?” Don’t you? I know you do. The problem is you can only get so far “inside your own head”. I can’t count the number of times someone has said “I’ve never looked at it that way before”, to me when discussing intimate concerns. Opening your mind and options and enriching your human experience is what it’s all about. I’m engaging and interested in your journey.

Back to the question of how and why. The answer can be complex. And I always find the origins of “who we are” an interesting piece of the puzzle. I also like to spend a good portion of the session talking about where you are now, and where you envision yourself to be. Are you looking for resolution to your kinky interests? Many wonder how they can achieve some semblance of balance with their kink and the rest of their lives.

Allowing you to free think, and vent all of those pent up thoughts, getting feedback and sometimes direction,   is immeasurably beneficial  in terms of your well being. I understand and accept you and your sexual proclivities. Some of them I imbibe in myself. We are all beautiful kinky  snowflakes and  what makes you  tick is interesting to me. Sexy ,even.

Are there things which are off the table, for me? Certainly, boundaries are important. But that list is short, and if your desires fall under that heading then I’ll let you know. Clearly and simply. No harm, no foul.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika