As promised on Twitter last week Exploring Anal Sex is today’s topic. Anal sex is viewed by many as depraved behavior. I’m good with that. Ha! Seriously, though.Throughout history anal sex has been practiced by not only heterosexual men, gay men but also as a form of birth control among heterosexual couples. So why is there such a big taboo? True, the sphincter needs special consideration when compared to the readiness of the vagina.But just like oral or other tactile pleasures there’s no need to forgo the exploration of the hiney-hole because of a little challenge, is there? Not in my book, and judging from the response I received on Twitter many of you, albeit secretly for some, agree with me. So let’s take a look at the results and let me know : Is anal sex is for you!?

Twitter Poll

I placed a poll on twitter asking people if they have ever tried Anal Sex. Here are the results:

exploring anal

Do the anal poll results surprise you?

Yes – 59%
Yes – Not for me 7%
No- And I don’t wanna 9%
No- But Curious 25%





Isn’t that mind blowing! 84% of respondents are open to anal sex! I can attest similar numbers following suit with my callers.

Anal Sex Isn’t For Me

For those 7% who have tried anal sex, but think it’s not for them I want to know more about their experience. Many times people don’t enjoy anal for several reasons. Two reasons are lack of knowledge and preparation. Knowledge: knowing how to begin, with fingers toys? If toy’s what kind. I know some of you sluts have their eye on the ginormous but that’s not the best to start with. More on that later.

Preparation, knowing what to expect, and if engaging in more than a finger play cleaning the pipes, sorta speak will help many feel confident and sexy with their anal play. I always recommend trying something kinky, like exploring anal, that you give it a go more than once. This is where experience and knowledge comes in, many times when changing and exploring your body’s sexual response either outside forces (rushed for time?) or your internal dialogue dampens your ability to relax and allow those inhibitions to fly out the window.

Virgin Anal But Curious

If you are curious but haven’t taken that next step then similar advice from the above translates to you as well. Taking your time, discussing expectations toys and preparation is in order. There is no reason why you should part from this earth without exploring this sensitive and erotic area on your body. I do want to hear from you, what has prevented you from playing in this way? We can address all of your questions and concerns and prepare you for this sexy play.

Anal Toys

Vibrating Prostate Massager

Vibrating Prostate Massager

There are many of you when thinking, or discussing with me, you exploring anal play who think a dildo is the only way to go! In reality I wouldn’t introduce you to anal with a dildo.

Anal Plugs

Trainer kit at the Stockroom

Sure we’ll use it if it’s an appropriate size and you have no other options, but for beginners in the arena of anal I would recommend either anal plugs, a starter set which come in three sizes, and / or a prostate massager. The manual prostate massager’s tend to be a bit less intimidating for most, whereas the vibrating once tend to be thicker and more ominous looking! Although I assure you, they are just fine.

Now for you kinky size queens (Yes I’m looking at you!) the more you feel that ass stretched the better it is! I say to that, use lots of lube and take your time. If you think you are a “big guy” and can take “that 9″ cock easily, think again. Your overall body size doesn’t mean you have a bigger dick or asshole. As one sissy slut soon learned when she did try out that 9” without benefit of training beforehand. Sissy did not get that huge dildo in her pussy! Twenty minutes of trying to no avail. Is that what you want? I don’t think it is.

Encouraging Exploring Anal

The two main thrusts behind (pun intended? tee he, you know me what do YOU think?) anal is exploring the pleasures of the prostate. It feels good to stimulate it, even if with a finger and pushing and massaging the prostate. Milking the prostate feels good, and is used for many reasons. However, when you massage your prostate with a finger or toy it makes your arousal level go through the roof!  Also, let us not forget there are those men who can have a prostate orgasm have you ever heard of that? The prostate as I assume you know is the male equivalent to the G spot, pleasure center inside of you just a few inches in. The toys I suggest have that P spot in mind. I’ve had some fun with chastity orgasms, while My cock is locked and stimulating that prostate with a toy, proved to be an explosive and new experience for them.  Granted it may take a bit of patience, training and denial but once your body is trained you can possibly orgasm hands free, less than fully erect and please me, to no end.

Now is the time where YOU chime in! Tell me is Anal Sex For You?

Until we chat  ????

Anal Sex Training Mistress Erika