Oral pleasures is next on the docket, having talked about Anal sex earlier this week. What I enjoy doing is exploring and helping you explore all the sexy and sensual pleasures our minds and body’s can experience. There is something extremely intimate about experiencing and giving pleasures with the mouth. I know many of you will agree. So lets take a look at some of the kinky ways to explore oral pleasures.

Exploring Oral Servitude

Just saying the words Oral Servitude is hot, isn’t it. I think so, and for those of you who love submission and submitting I bet you got a tingle! Worshiping, kissing licking and even praise can be all on the table with your oral servitude.  It’s about you and your mind submitting to her orders, doing as she says. If she wants her pussy kissed , licked then send you away that is your pleasure to give. This is not about your pleasure it is about hers.

Exploring Oral Pleasures

Exploring Oral Pleasures

Oral Pleasures Taste

I know some of you have a acute sense of taste. Who also crave to manipulate and please with those lips and that tongue. Scent and taste and texture arouse you. Orally fixated some will suggest! Do you want your dick in that pussy like every other dick? Sure you do, but it’s not a priority. If it happens it happens. But a day is not complete with out that special taste, of her climaxing on your mouth.  Perhaps that toe slowly pumping between your lips! Even the salty taste of her skin after being in the heat is an aphrodisiac for you. The slightly sweet taste of her gloss, emboldens your libido. Some of you even crave the taste of cum, ejaculate from a man. Which leads us to………

Oral Pleasures Cock

Some orally fixated naughty ones  have become addicted to their own cum. So much so they have branched out and enjoy the taste of other cock cum. Properlly vetted, mind you. Stay safe! I can’t say I disagree with them but how taboo that a typical hetro guy is so addicted to cum that his sexuality evolves to a point of pleasing cock orally just to get that taste. We have an entire website dedicated to those men who love to suck cock.  Not to mention sucking dick is hot! I get what they like about it!

Although only my personal lovers have been privileged to feel my mouth on them, and sorry fans that won’t be you, I am a sexual being and I enjoy teasing a cock with my tongue and lips. So hot feeling the subtle changes as I weave my magic. Exploring that dick with my mouth, feeling every ridge and vein. Mm! But don’t think I won’t control that cock, giving head. In many ways I have more control of that cock being able to detect those subtle cues with my oh so sensitive mouth. No, that cock isn’t cumming until I’m damn good and ready for it to cum!

Five Oral Questions

So there are three ways people enjoy oral pleasure! I want to know some of your ideas! To get it kick started answer these kinky oral questions! I just adore reading your responses!

1- How many body parts have you orally explored
2- How many body parts have been explored on you
3- What is your favorite body part to orally explore
4- What role does scent play with your oral exploration
5- Would you orally explore an anus?

Well that’s all for today, my kinky friends. Remember I’m on vacation next week, so don’t miss me too much! I’ll be back before you know it to have some kinky fun with you!

Until We Chat ????

Oral Training Mistress Erika