Exploring Sensual Domination is today’s focus. If you are here reading this post, I’m going to assume you are interested in or have experienced some form of Domination. But do you know about sensual domination? For whatever mystical faux pas there was I recently realized I was NOT on our Sensual Domination Website! Oh the horror! After all, I am very sensual. But that trouble has been abated and you can check out my Sensual Domination Profile.  But for now let’s talk about Sensual Domination.

Mistress Domination Style

The style in which you can be Dominated is (like most things) on a continuum. From Sensual, on one end to harsh. Sensual Domination is a style of Domination. Can I be a strict and unyielding Mistress? Yes, I am dynamic, talented, and skilled at the art of Domination. Therefore, for those who need a firmer hand, I have it.

But for those who bend to my will, with a sexy whisper and soft touch, with no doubt about who is in charge, then  I’ll have you wrapped around my pretty little finger in no time. Sensual by nature, I find this approach to be thought-provoking and enticing for those who don’t necessarily see themselves as submissive.

Sensual Domination is a “gateway” domination style. What I mean by that is more minds are willing to experience sensual Domination, than other styles. Seductive and sexy it imitates any seduction your mind might entertain in the mainstream world. However, there are a few important differences.

Seduction and Sensual Domination

The important difference between Sensual Domination and general seduction is I am in charge. I say what happens to that cock, those balls, your orgasm becomes mine. You won’t find yourself being caned, whipped, or other forms of pain play (humiliation, pain for that brain) that one might find with a traditional BDSM experience.  What you will experience is sensual, guided, and delicious.  Exploring all the pleasure and erogenous zones to ignite and delight us both.  You will also experience the joy of pride and find your purpose, as I put you through your paces. That cock, may be attached to you, but it’s here to please me.

Curious About Submission

For those curious about submitting your body and mind to a sexy Woman, I am thrilled you are here. I love welcoming newbies to the fold, and you are in very good hands when you submit to me. But don’t trust my words, alone. Find out what others have to say about submitting to me and take a look at my Mistress Reviews. Your submission may not look like theirs, but one thing which is evident is how much they enjoyed their time with me. How much My focus is on YOU and your particular desires.

Sensual Domination

Sensual Domination

Submissive Experience

So, by now I’m sure you are tingling if not fully erect, and aching to know more! What types of play are available? This list is a basic list of things we can enjoy but is in no way intended to be all-inclusive

Guided Masturbation -learn new ways to stroke, and stimulate that hot cock.
Edging– bringing you to the edge of orgasm, over and over, yumm!
Tease and Delay– I love teaching you how to hold that cum, to take even more stimulation sending you to levels of subspace you’ve only heard about.
Sensation play– with a plethora of things. Warm oils, cool fingers. Faux fur, soft satin. The only limitation is our imagination!
Nipple Play– Many males don’t think of their nipples as particularly erotic, but with patience and play you too might find you enjoy it and crave more.
Body Worship– Learning how to please me with your worshipping sexy curves.
Pampering– Femdoms and all Women alike love to be pampered. You will learn this very important skill
Submissive Poses– Specific submissive poses that I enjoy you performing for me.

These options are only the beginning. Where will our journey take us? Time will tell. Once you are fully engulfed in your submission you will find your mind and thoughts expanding. Perhaps as we play you want to feel even More control, More ownership so chastity may come into play. I’m not saying chastity is a must-do. But an example of what your mind might drift to when you are free. Free in your submission to explore. To expand, and expand it will. It is inevitable as we evolve together.

Negotiation and Sensual Domination

As with any other power exchange play negotiation is required.  Communicate your interests to me, what is on the table and what is a hard boundary. It’s perfectly ok to say “I’ve been interested in trying XYZ but never tried it”. Or “PDQ” was very erotic when I saw it in a porn flick, but unsure if I want to actually do it. This would be a soft boundary. This process does not have to be a long and drawn out, a quick email, or the first few moments of the session will suffice.

Got Cock?

Perfect Game To Get A Taste Of Sensual Domination

Do you enjoy sensual domination? If you do, or even if you want to try I have a perfect way for you to get a taste! We have a fantastic game called Pass The Penis, just ask the dispatcher for “sensual Pass The Penis” and how many ladies you’d like to play with. You can get a taste of different ladies and their Sensual Domination Style!





Until We Chat  💋

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