Hello Extreme Edging pets! Are you up for My edging challenge? I was inspired in a session the other day to create this challenge as I pushed and teased one pet to more edges than he’s ever done in one hour! His (we will call him B-pet) request to me via Skype was exactly this:

How would you feel about edging the ever living fuck out of me?


Edge Endlessly

I wasn’t in session, so I immediately responded: YES!!

FYI, pets.  This is where it starts, you know, the “careful what you ask for” moment!? Because I always give you what you ask for. Even if you change your mind! That’s why you play with Mistress. You are weak. You are not capable of making rational decisions when you’ve been stroking for hours and edging endlessly.

Pet purchased 60 minutes. I got comfortable and away we went!

JOI And Tease

Edging phone sex with me comes with instructions and a tease! Sure some prefer the old up and down, and are not very versatile. Sad, but OK. I am able to work within those boundaries.

But this naughty stroker slut can and does edge for me in many ways! Along with his jerk off instructions I tease his sex fogged brain. Making it easier or harder to achieve those edges.

Edging for Femdom

Edging phone sex


After about 15 minutes and him hitting edges very quickly, and not having an unauthorized orgasm. I was impressed and inspired!

Upon questioning he confessed the most edges he’s done in an hour was perhaps 30, so our goal was 31! Well after 35 minutes we met that goal! He didn’t know but I did, so what better time to up that BAR!!

Extreme Edging: Edge Your Age

I teased pet-B telling him that he’s done A LOT of edges! Also how many edges a previous pet did for me in one evening (43) in a two hour session. Certainly he can out edge him!

Our goal was now 43! Well this horny stroker got to 43 and we still had time in the hour! I can hear him wearing out, now begging me “Please please please may I cum”.

Pet still didn’t know how many edges he had done. After some pleading and it sounded like on the verge of tears, I reasonably reminded him that he had asked for me to tease him endlessly. He didn’t say anything about an orgasm. Perhaps negotiation wasn’t his forte? Aww , better luck next time.

I then brushed right past his throbbing penis and his pleas, and onto another, higher goal! I asked his age. He told me, and that meant MORE EDGES!!! YOUR age, edge your age! You can do a few more, can’t you? A panting pet agreed, he could do a few more.

The Hour Of Edging Is Up

I left pet denied and not knowing how many edges he did for me.

I told him I’m writing a blog about it and challenging other extreme edging pets out there to edge their age in an hour! Also, he should tune in and find out the edge count!

Can you say 57?

I’m sure pet-B can hear me roaring from here. Not only did he edge his age, but far surpassed it!

Edge Your Age Challenge

So what do you say guys? Up for a challenge? Can you edge your age, or more, in an hour with me? I bet it would be fun to find out! If you do, I’ll write a blog about our session. Your discretion is my priority no identifying information will be used.

Stroke-A-Thon And Other Fun!

Since we are talking about stroking I would be remiss not to mention the possibility of a stroke-a-thon! Check out the preliminary details from the sexy Mistress Constance over at intelligent Femdom and take the poll! I know I’ll be there, wouldn’t miss it!! Also if you hadn’t heard this month we are featuring Giantess themed kinky sessions, and I have a special for my macrophiliacs on my strokers reward page! Check it out!

And lastly a shout out and mention of a very sexy and obedient pet “C” aka @erikaownsme. This past week marked two years of controlling every stroke and orgasm! Oh!! Did I forget to mention? He used to call for guided masturbation and some stroking fun, Yet another “careful what you wish for” ???? , my darlings. He was a previously a “if I’m paying I’m spraying kinda fella” now two years later #Locked #Owned and yes, #Denied.  Well, until I’m good and ready to have My cock cum!

I wonder what changed his mind? ????

Until we chat ????????

Edging Mistress, Erika