A Female Led Relationship may or may not hold elements of BDSM, but they do have that delicious power exchange. The female is in charge, she says what goes. But will there be bondage? Discipline as in pain play?  Being a lifestyle submissive, like many things in our world is on a continuum, there’s no one way that is the “Right way” for all. Everyone finds their balance, and what they enjoy when it comes to aspects of power exchange. Today as your clever mind may have surmised, we are going to talk about Female lead relationships. In particular, one person’s Female Lead Relationship is Nancy Boy.

Nancy Boy Beginnings

As Nancy boy explained to me, he has always had a special affinity for feminine things. Curlers in his hair, pantied bottom. He knew he wasn’t like other guys. He knew he was weak for a strong Dominant woman. Lucky for Nancy boy, he got exactly what he needed. A Woman who knows her power, who knows where his place is. Taking care of her.

Female Led Relationship

Not all female led relationships look like Nancy boys. Basically, a female led relationship whatever she says it is. She makes the decisions, about what is best for you both. You exist to bask in her gloriousness and serve her however she likes. But sometimes, like with Nancy boy, she wants her submissive husband to be feminized.

So inch by inch, ounce by ounce this lovely lady extracted every bit of masculinity from him. Guys’ day out on the golf course? Gone. Wearing the proverbial pants around the house. Gone. Having the privileged of being a man and ordering for his Wife at a restaurant? Gone. As a matter, of course, I was particularly delighted over this one aspect of their relationship. Nancy boy recently told me how she humiliates him in public. usually they get the same dish but recently he told his lovely what he wanted and that’s not what she ordered. The waitress comes over, she orders her food and with a delicious smirk smiles and says “he’ll have the same”. One would think there would be a protest. Nay, Nancy boy knows his place.

Feminization and Emasulation

As I mentioned above not all female led relationships look like each other. Some may think acquiescing to a female is humiliation, in and of itself. Others feel it is their purpose and place and not so humiliated. But Nancyboy NEEDS humiliation. To ensure no drop of masculinity bubbles up , and just leaks pathetically out.

Nancy boy has his sex life 100% under her control. When She says, he will be allowed to pleasure her with his mouth, fingers or toys. One week he gets a hand release, the next she requires him to dress in frillies and wigs and after he pleasures her to orgasm is allowed to put his sissy cock in her for two minutes. Not more than that, tho! But then again Nancy has been trained to be an ES (Early squirter) because she feels NOTHING with that little peen and wants the entire thing over with sooner rather than later. No viagra for Nancyboy, that would be outrageous to last longer she won’t STAND for it. I agree with her.

Of course, Nancy boy must do his chores to earn any of this, so Nancy boy does laundry, dishes, and washing the floor. Whatever he needs to do to appease her. He likes to please, and know he must work hard to earn his hand release or two minutes in heave

Know Your Place Submissive

In addition to all of this, Nancy boy does not sleep in his wife’s bed but has his own room. His place is not with her unless she allows it. Sometimes he might sissy “whine” and say “Wiiiiiiifie, can I get in your bed”. Sometimes she allows it and he curls up with his head on her shoulder. She plans their vacations, and dinners, and Nancy boy who is ill-equipped to be a real man at this point, enjoy’s his place. Nancyboy’s purpose is to serve and please,  his place is at the feet of Strong Dominant Women.

There’s probably more I haven’t told you, as a matter of fact, I know there’s more. I’m leaving it out so Nancyboy can comment, and share from his perspective and further humiliate the “Never a man” person he always was.

Your Female-Led Relationship

Have you ever thought of a female led relationship? How would yours look? Would it involve feminization? Humiliation? Do you think  you’d love to do chores? How would your idea of a Female led relationship differ or is the same as Nancy boy?

Comment below, email me or better yet give me a call.

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