So many ways to have feminization fun! I know you’ve been enthralled with females for as long as you remember. Perhaps some in your life thought it “normal”, your interest in females. After all, most guys are VERY interested in females. Regardless of your sexual predilections, everything female enthralls you to the point of wanting to embody femininity in your own special way. What ways are there? Hmmm..

Pantie Feminization Fun

So the most common first step into a world of feminization is intimate clothing play. Panties are a fan favorite, as well as bras. Perhaps they cradle and assimilate the essence of femininity since they snuggle our naughty bits for extended periods. If you are a connoisseur of scents, you know what I mean. Just the musky fragrance of panties is enough for some of you to empty those full balls. You may think it’s just “regular guy” kinky stuff but the difference between a regular ‘kinky guy’ stroking off to panties is the fact you are addicted to it. You just can’t cum with out imagining a Dominant Woman coercing you to sniff, jerk and then PUT THEM ON! Terror runs through your veins. Questioning  your sex appeal, your thoughts racing. Do women like men in lingerie? What will this say about you your “manhood”? No longer a stroking slut but moving on to something else, something more. But you , so hot, so horny, so out of your fucking mind crazy you banish those thoughts and DO IT! You put those panties ON. No turning back now.

Feminization Slut

So, some of you stay with the pantie play, that’s great! But some of you, need more, want more. Or is it Mistress which needs more, wants more from Her molding clay , which is you.  Tingling within you as your fantasies and our play increase in intensity. One day you find yourself, crotch-less panties, fish net stockings , a dildo and bright red lipstick. Just like whore missy , the fem whore. Referring to himself as a cock slut, cum whore. Starting out as my male fuck toy, his own arousal finds him mindless and willing to do anything for Mistress. He becomes SHE as her humiliation increases. She revels in her debauchery. Teaching missy to suck that cock better than any female. You crave it  you need it don’t you WHORE!

You thought it would stay “there” , on your knees at my behest sucking dildo or even ‘real cock’. But Mistress isn’t done with you yet. A true slut takes it in the ass, For Mistress. Don’t you whore.

Cuckolds bra and panties

Feminization Fun

Feminization Lifestyle

But feminization isn’t always about humiliation, is it? No. There are plenty of you who relish teasing that girl out, who resides deep inside. Female superiority is your drug. To be female, to try and put your maleness behind you truly want to be female. Walking, talking every small nuance and detail keeps you motivated. What types of fem dress looks best on your body. How do you paint nails, put on make up. Why just the ritual of a nice bubble bath and soft lotions are enough to send you to that , oh-so-fem subspace, where nothing else matters but your feminine self and Mistress. One day, you just might venture outside. To sashay your feminine self to the world. With Mistress’ help, you can.

Feminization Fun

Feminization is one of my favorite things to engage in. I do have a lot of kinky favorites, so I’m hard pressed to say “this is my number one” . It is so rewarding for me, to be there. Be that Mistress which compels you to explore beyond your current boundaries. Regardless of your feminization fun play time   be it “just” panties, or crossdressing, we can have a lot of sexy time , girl to girl only. But If your bi-curious fantasies are in need of some play we’ll do that too. You see, your fem play however it plays out  can  only get better when you have Mistress to guide you.

Until we chat ????

Feminization Mistress Erika

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