Hey, girls and guys who want to be girls ,or  guys who want be with girls, regardless of your predilections, today’s feminization lesson is about the FM phenomenon. Inspired by a recent call from a sissy asking to be feminized, to teach her the ways of “girls” and how to attract boys. Her first lesson was regarding FM “things.” I put “things” into quotes for a good reason. FM things are varied. They can be clothes, shoes, perfume, a look and more that a sexually hungry cock tease uses to scream FUCK ME, and send clear signals to garner the attention of males. Let’s take a look.

Fuck Me Clothes

I think we all can agree, and understand when I say a female has to have her Fuck Me wardrobe. You know the skirts, a bit shorter, blouse a bit revealing. Whether they be form fitting or flirty, Fuck Me clothes helps a girl feel her power,  feel confident, wild and ready to have fun. Shoes, FM shoes, everyone can relate. I’m loving the classic nude stiletto for a multitude of outfits, strappy heels with an ankle strap is also a favorite. Those delicate straps surrounding my ankle, draws the eye to where you’ll be placing kisses before too long, humm? When a girl brings out these big guns, her FM shoes, there’s no mistaken what is on her mind.

Fuck Me

Fuck Me Look

Fuck Me Look

Perfecting your perfect “on the prowl” feminization make-up is well worth the time and effort to do so! Every girl has an everyday look and then with a few strokes of a brush, darker shade of lipstick and another application of mascara. Your eyes pop with a hot and sultry smokey look. Long lashes finish your work of art. A few spritzes of your favorite perfume mixing with the musk of your arousal creates a scent uniquely you. A scent that guides, and binds. Drawing you ever closer.

Fuck Me Voice

Mmm, how about that change in her voice that signals you to be aware, or is that beware.  Purring her words they drip from her lips.  Causing you to concentrate, pay closer attention. She speaks in tone that causes time to stand still. You’re focusing in on the soft erotic words. She’s painting a picture, and it’s oh to easy for you to get lost, get lost in her words.  Your mind is lost and floats on their lilt,  filling your ears with suggestions and words sliding deeply into the recesses of your mind. Becoming part of you, who you are, what you want, what you are. You feel yourself falling, falling into her sound.

Come on girls, get your FM on……..

Mistress Erika