Hi Slut or Slut wanna be. Today we are going to talk about what sluts need to know, and the five things you should know if you want to be MY Slut. First we’ll take a look at the word slut, why it is not an insult necessarily. What it means, how it is used in Mistress Erika’s world. We’ll even touch upon the “types” of slut you may be working towards.  Then onto the things you need to know, to be my good slut.

Are You A Slut

Every female, during her life will be charged with dealing with the word “SLUT”. You hear that word, slut  by other women/men using that term to describe another,often times to degrade them. Make them “less valuable” as people, in some light. Certainly, you surmise you don’t want to be one. Fun, outgoing, flirty behavior and multiple “conquests” by a male he’s a “stud”. Ahh, but you learn if you adopt similar behavior you risk being “accused” of being a SLUT? That can’t be good, now can it?  But how can you repress your true nature? Why is being YOU, bad? Are you a SLUT?

Society’s Slut

If you are going to be single minded, traditionally it is used to humiliate, shun and degradate another.
It means a woman of “lose morals” and sexually active.

But wait. Doesn’t seem that horrible, right? I didn’t think so either. First, morals are subjective they change and evolve with the culture in which they reside. We certainly don’t abide by many “Moral standards” of 200+ years ago, or even 50 years ago. So since morals vacillate, they are not “facts” but opinions. Like the anus, everyone has one. So you gonna live your life by someone else’s opinion?

Then we get to the sexually active part. Is that supposed to insult someone?

“YOU young lady are SEXUALLY ACTIVE”!
Me: Yea, so? We are sexual beings, it’s what we are SUPPOSED to be doing, ya got any other brainiac revelations to announce?

The only way being sexually active is a humiliation is if you view sex as something bad, or wrong. Since it isn’t bad or wrong, I’m perplexed as to why people use these “insults” as bearing any weight. Fact is: They don’t have to bear weight, hold water etc if you so decree!

What all of this means is- You define what a slut is. You decide if you are a slut. You can use the word to degradate or you can own it and wear it as a badge of honor. You can dismiss your societal conventions and find like minded people and be who you are!

Now, if you’ve gotten this far and haven’t clicked off and YOU  think sex and being sexual is a bad thing, leave now. There is nothing here for you. 1869 called they want you, and your troglodyte mindset back.

Sluts Need To Know

That the term can be a term of endearment, for me. Celebrating your open mind and uninhibited sexuality. But also I can use that word, SLUT in other ways! Sluts also need to know we can use that word as a trigger, a sexual tool to arouse that love of taboo for you! After all, for many  including me,  turning convention on its ear. Playing with taboo subjects is arousing in and of itself! Regardless of how we use the word slut in our session, know that I love YOU being My Slut!

Kinds Of Sluts

What sluts need to know is there are many ways to be a slut for me! No one “Kind of slut” is more favored than the other. The only thing I look forward to is bringing out the slut in you!. If our play doesn’t bring forth that slut I’m looking for then we are doing something WRONG!! (laughs). So what kind of slut do you want to be for me?

Cum Slut– eating all that yummy cummy for Me! Yes from your cock! Now whether you go on to getting cum from other cocks, is yet to be decided. We’ll see how you do, once you are dreaming of submitting and eating cum for me 24/7! Yes, some “straight” guys I’ve turned into cum sluts go onto the big D others, do not.????????????

Pantie Slut– There are more of you out there than one might think! Men who wear women’s panties is very popular. It doesn’t necessarily mean you want to feel feminine, or to be a sissy. Just means you are kinky and controlled by Me.

Cock Slut – Did your journey start with naughty cum eating, and evolve? Did you think about or did you always have a certain lust for cock? Either way, cock sucking slut you dream almost 24/7 of pleasing them, don’t ya?????????????

Sissy Slut – You have a slut inside just begging to be set free! You, gurly gurl love many of the slut activities above, if not more. You are not a “cross dresser” or “Transgender” girl who comes to me for training or just some feminine fun. You want to be the ultimate uninhibited, I’ve got the goods to bring all they cocks to your yard ,exploring your desires – slut!  You just want someone to push you, compel you , celebrate YOU! ????????????????

Humiliation Slut – From teasing and mild to task performing humiliation puppet, what won’t you do for me? You, slut, could perform one or more of the above slutty activities and many others. You are addicted to that sting, that flow of hormones you express when humiliated, and makes that dick rock hard.

Stroking slut – How many ways can I have fun with My cock. I know it’s physically attached to you but you begged me to take control. You yearn for me to tell you how, when and how often to stroke. Playing fun games ,and making sure My Cock is trained to edge, and cum in as many ways as I can, or YOU can imagine!


Foot Slut– Wiggle wiggle you can’t resist worshiping my pretty feet. You have a passing interest in pussy, ass or tits your slutty desires reside below the knee!

Well Rounded Slut– you, darling have a plethora of naughty desires, perhaps all of the above? Well rounded slut enjoys many different kinds of slut play. Many of you, that I speak with can be listed under this category.

There are many other kinds of sluts, what kind of slut are you? I’d love to have you list it below. To qualify as a slut, you just have to drop those inhibitions enjoy your naughty desires and let go and let loose! Easier said than done, that’s why I’m here to guide, control , command (as the case maybe)!

5 Things Sluts Need To Know

To be My slut it’s five simple things you need to know

  1. The term slut can be used in many ways, for many reasons.
  2. Communicate! Confess your true desires, promise you won’t shock or offend me!
  3. Keep an open and curious mind.
  4. Trust Mistress to keep you safe.
  5. ENJOY and let us celebrate the slut in you!

Are you ready to be my slut?

Until We Chat????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika