Foot and Shoe fetish is a trending topic of calls recently. I wanted to devote some time to these special fetishes. I appreciate these calls, as it reminds me how something so simple, like a nice shaped foot or a well made pair of sexy shoes can turn the knobs for so many!

Foot Fetish

According to a recent international Journal of Impotence Research, feet and toes were parts which were most likely

Foot Fetish

Sexy Feet

to be lusted after. Your interest may be a mild, and you enjoy incorporating foot play in your sexual repertoire.

The definition of a fetish, however, is the exclusive focus on a specific part of the body other than the genitals. If you

are reading this far, then you have at least a casual interest, now don’t you?

Taking care of and pampering the female foot is heaven for those who love the foot. Don’t you  find it very erotic and fascinating that such a strong sexual response can and does arise from playing with fondling soft sexy feet.  Loving when someone experienced handling feet are the only ones that can handle my feet. I tend to be very ticklish so I need a firm yet soft hand. Heaven.

Shoe Fetish

You can consider a shoe fetish a step removed from the female form as the sexual object. Oh, you hear girls teasing about their shoe fetish, rarely able to pass up a cute pair of heels because they were “just so cute!” But to the person with a true shoe fetish their sexual gratification is directly tied to shoes. Many love to marvel at the scent, the feel of the oily ball pad. Everything and anything that can relate to the woman who wore the shoes is fuel for their desires.

Shoe Fetish

Although a common fetish, the persons who find their desires centered around shoes are often conflicted and struggle with their desires vs what they seem as “normal” sexual interests. Particularly when their twist on this erotica is totally divorce, the woman isn’t needed or necessarily wanted. Caressing, touching and intimately engaging in sexual acts with shows to the exclusion of all else is the aspect causing the most impact, angst for this extreme take on this fetish.

Match Made In Heaven Foot and Shoe Fetish

So how wonderful is it when you combine the two. Sexy feet in sexy shoes!! The combination is sexual dynamite for many! Representing women’s sexuality, her power and dominance. I certainly have had my fun with ultra sexy heels, sexy play and using the click click click of my shoes to tease and entice, and yes deliciously torment.  The kryptonite of shoe play, the dangling shoe off the toe maneuver. Oh,  I feel my creative juices churning. Friday perhaps a fantasy (?) piece regarding this topic. Yes? No? Tell me.

Thank you for all of your calls on this topic. I see my sexy feet and shoes through fresh eyes, and I adore it. Off to shop and dream of shoes!

Foot and Shoe Fetish