Do you have a foot fetish? Or would you consider it a foot kink? I know often we intermingle kink and fetish, to loosely mean the same thing but in reality it’s not. In my line of work it’s important to distinguish between them. You’ll see why.

Foot Fetish or Foot Kink

We humans have an innate need to categorize. Understandable,considering how our powerful  minds have evolved to be. Able to focus on a task, and process a fuck ton of data bits per second all the while operating a lovely complex biological entity. It isn’t the classifying or categorizing which is bad. It is what we do with our actions, after putting labels on things that matter. Those labels are not meant to perpetuate hate, but in my world only helps us to identify what about “you” we can celebrate. I dream of a time where the majority of us can do that. Celebrate and enjoy our difference, not condemn them. The world would be a horrible place without difference.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stepping off my soap box ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Foot fetish, or a fetish in general is a powerful word. Some use it to describe their interests, but do you? Do you have a fetish? Can you have satisfying sexual relations without it? Do  you have to at least imagine that sexy foot to get off? How much of your day and your sexual life revolves around that foot? If sex isn’t worth having either by yourself or with another without sexy feet then…. You, my friend,have a fetish.

Foot Kink

Many more folk ,  however have what I consider a foot kink. It’s play that can or can not be involved with sexual intimacy. Submissive training often includes body worship, including feet. Your submission, your Mistress commanding you Worship Her Feet. Hold that soft foot, to praise it, pleasure it.  Before too long, with continuous play like this your mind and body soon become aroused to the stimulus of just those lovely feet.  Creating a foot kink, pairing high sexual arousal with said foot , paired with tremendous reward and a compelling Mistress is fun and mind blowing! You really have no choice, do you, pet? Your mind and body are but a blank slate for Mistress to write upon.

Foot Kink Foot Fetish

Do you have a foot fetish, or a foot kink? Do you appreciate why it’s so important that I distinguish between them? What a interesting conversation that would be!  I would love to connect and discuss with you. Does it intrigue you, to have your sexuality manipulated? How something as (seemingly  innocuous turn into something hotly erotic? Perhaps how a woman skilled abilities have such a powerful impact on you?

Start with the toes.


Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika