Good day kink lovers today I continue on the fun ways to tease a small dick. As mentioned in my previous post teasing a small dick is not the same as humiliation. Humiliation being defined as drawing forth those erotic responses , bringing your embarrassment X10, as brought on by another.

In this genre it’s SPH or small dick humiliation. Today , however, it’s about a similar response but without the goal of humiliation and with the art of the tease. It does have a fine line and some will characterize this kind of play as sensual SPH. One of the reasons ,as a responsible Mistress, I must discern those fine nuances , and push those erotic buttons.

Small penis teasing

I like your little dick!

Teasing Mindset

The teasing mindset is different than  humiliation. Humiliation brings on feelings of vulnerability, of not measuring up. Teasing is more of a celebration of your shortcomings. Knowing we are all different, and instead of having those difference divide us, categorize us, or humiliate us,   we celebrate!

Word of warning, not all Mistresses you encounter will want to , or appreciate small cock teasing. There will be some Mistress when you approach them telling them  you have a tiny cock and wish to be teased will want to tease. Some have hard boundaries and if your willie is tiny only humiliation is on the docket! It’s important in those beginning negotiations to ensure she will enjoy the play as much as you. If the Mistress you contact say’s “If you have a small dick, you will be humiliated” then no harm, no foul she’s not the one you need.

Teasing Erotically

Teasing a small dick means keeping in mind the teasing mindset and adding erotic elements encountering a small penis can be fun. Here are some fun ways to play with a small dick, straight from a small penis teasing enthusiast.

To set the scene, a new to each other couple talk about taking their relationship to the next level. Nervously he admits that before they do, there’s something he should share with her. Nervous and excited to confess your tiny secret. When you do she looks at you quizzically. Men don’t usually come right out and say things like that. But she smiles and assures him that lots of guys are insecure about their penis size, and she’s sure all will be fine.

Then the fateful moment arrives. You are nervous and hope your little fella won’t do his best imitation of a turtle. She pushes back from you, looks down at your  small cubby for the first time. Giggling she says “Oh He’s Cute“. She fondles it a bit, then asks. “How small is your dick”?

This has got you going now, and you are at full mast. The sweet thrill of her curiosity for your sex has you soaring.
“Oh the little one likes me” She giggles and winks at you. Exclaiming with teasing delight I bet your little cock is fun!

More Fun Ways To Tease A Small Dick

Other erotically charged comments to tease a small dick could include : “Let’s measure it”
“Hey Little One, do you wanna come play?
“Sometimes , okay all the time I think small dicks look fantastic in panties!”

Now I want to hear from you, what teasing comment or gesture would send you spiraling out of control?

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika

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