Men looking more feminine with Feminization Mistress Erika (800) 601-6975Are you a natural born male who wants to let his inner female out? I love having fun with men looking more feminine!  When you call and tell me about your desires to dress, a grin spreads across my face and all I hear in my head is: Girls just wanna have fu-un!

Men Looking More Feminine Sissy or Feminization Style

There is so much variation and spin each individual puts on their fetish or kink! Exploring you and your desires is exciting to me! To the unfamiliar a man dressing as a girl is a man dressing as a girl. They are gay, or at least bi. Blah blah blah. Sure some may be, some may not want to be involved with a man. They enjoy relations with women, decked out as a woman.

Each man who wants to look or be more feminine develops their own style.  Some just want to wear panties. Some sissy’s enjoy a bit of humiliation with their pink panties! Others, have extravagant slutty attire, and are wild, wild, wild! Lots of fun to be had, doing naughty things to naughty bits! Multiple appendages flying hither and yon, spunk filling holes and all that jazz! WOO-HOO!

However, some want to feel and become more feminine  inside and out. Experiencing life (or as much as they can of it) as a woman.  They want more of a feminization experience. Including a kinky friend just adds to fun with men looking more feminine!

How can a Mistress not have fun with all of these (and more!) variations?

Curious or Expert

If you are curious, but haven’t really indulged in your fantasy, we can explore together! Discovering your inner girl, I promise I will be gentle. We can play in my closet and try on different outfits and find one you feel the most ‘you’ in. Will it be that white corset with white thigh highs? Oh, no. I know the one. The pink one, right? How about some red lips and eyelashes that go on for days?

Or have you played enough and know exactly what you want? Your outfit is subtly sexy, classy and sophisticated. With the perfect makeup and hair. We can go out strutting our stuff, attracting attention wherever we go! Even if it’s our own little secret.

Advice From The Inside

My new good friend Sissy B (I promised to keep her identity to myself) has some advice for the man thinking about looking more feminine. She said “let that sissy out!” Dress as frilly as possible. Sissy B has so much fun with all the mistresses here at LDW and confirms “they are all delightful and friendly”

Looking to have fun being more feminine? Let your inner female out! Let’s play in my closet

Mistress Erika
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