Futility of Purgin

Put away, Don’t purge away

Futility of the purge was largely written by a beta boi who often loves to grovel at my heel. Masquerading as an Alpha male at times, his true beta bitch nature doesn’t fit with his public persona. Ashamed, trying to be what society thinks he should be is a constant in his life. We’ve had a lot of really great conversations about kink, humiliation and the dreaded PURGE. If you are into a secret kink that contradicts your public persona then you are at a high risk of experiencing a purge. Let’s take a look at the purge , reasons for it and how to avoid a purge. Personally it saddens me,greatly. Let’s take a look at a first hand account of a beta bitch boi’s thoughts on purging. I’ll include my two cents as inspired.


Bitch Boi

This blog is for those of you who are too far gone to recover. Did that make you squirm? You know it’s true. Say it. Say, “I’m too far gone to recover”. Did it give you a little chubby?

You know who you are, and you know exactly what a Purge is. If you don’t know what a Purge is then maybe you’ll never be the hardcore type who will ever do it or maybe you’re too young yet to have experienced a Purge or realize what it was when you did it. But mark my words young man that you’re only going to get more twisted with every passing year and you will save yourself both grief and unnecessary expense if you pay attention to this blog.
Whatever the case, young or old, the Purge is a futile attempt at denying who you really are; because you are a submissive bitch. You are a beta. Or maybe you’re a sissy. But most likely, you’re all three of those and more.

Bitch boi has a point. The more off of the “mainstream track”  you are with your kink. The more your kink is opposed to your public persona,  the more likely you are to purge. Feminization, cuckolding, and your general humiliation whores are at high risk of the purge. Also, you think getting rid of your fem items, your humiliating toys and clothing you’ve acquired will help you “stop” behaving in these ways. It won’t. It is who you are. IMO what’s wrong is your public persona, not your kinky private one.

Pretending to be a Man

You may pretend to be a man in certain aspects of your life, but that’s only a means to the end of being able to indulge in the submissive sexual deviant activities that truly define you as a person. So stop your little hissy fits when you panic and throw away your secret stash of sex toys or lingerie. It’s such a waste of money and you know that you always rebuild your stash. You will never escape your weak-willed submissive reality. (Ahem…TommyGirl, that includes you)

What powerful words, hum? Sexual Deviant Activities. What does that MEAN? It just means you are different. Not main stream, nothing wrong really. So wear that deviant badge with honor! It’s true you will forever be drawn to these kinds of sexual stimulation. If you suppress your true desires, why there’s no telling the long term negative affects on your psyche. Denying a part of you exists, denying desires which plague you? No reason to, really.

Finding a Safe Place for Your Kink

If you’re worried about somebody stumbling across your stash, then buy yourself a chest or a hard shell suitcase…anything that you can lock securely. If you’re worried what others may find in the event of your demise then you can leave instructions in your Will that those containers are to be taken to the dump unopened (put the keys where nobody will ever find them).The next time you are tempted to Purge, give yourself a week to think about it and I guarantee that you won’t do it. But you will save yourself a lot of money. Then take the money you saved and put it towards something practical like your retirement savings, a new appliance, new clothing, etc.

Look, dealing with your kink and how it fits in your world is stressful, I get it. It’s one of the things I do here, talk you through those anxious times. I encourage everyone to learn to “put away” not “purge away”. Also to find some support to help you through stressful times.  Emotions come and go, they feel more intense at times and that’s OK. I don’t advocate making any decision based on emotions, since they are so fickle and fleeting.  In essence, just because you “feel some thing”  It  doesn’t mean “they are right”. Realizing that everyone has a secret self they don’t share with the public, riding through the roller coaster will go a long way.

But please stop the foolishness of Purging. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money. And, more to the point, you’re too much of a little bitch to ever change.Accept it, you little beta bitch. You don’t have the balls to Purge for good, so stop faking it.

It does sadden me when people are not able to explore, express and enjoy their kink / true nature. What’s all this “Be your authentic self” stuff when you really need it? Around here your sexuality is encouraged and accepted. The sweet sting of humiliation is understood, enjoyed and encouraged, as well as a plethora of other kinks. Involve yourself with those who understand and accept you for who and what you are.

You may not necessarily be able to be more OPEN about your kink in your “vanilla” world but you do have an outlet here. A place to enjoy (I know sounds like an oxymoron) your humiliation, cross dressing, cock sucking or other less than mainstream desires.

Bitch boi has a lot of great points, written from my perspective but is chock full of first hand advice. I want to hear from you, about purging. Leave a comment below, or email me and tell me your thoughts on purging.

Until we chat????
Kink Mistress Erika