Know that I take great pride in doing my best.  Even if you consider yourself a gay fuck toy and want my help “coming out”, because you’ve been a closeted cock sucker or just want to explore your feminine side. Regardless of the task my goal and motivation is to exceed expectations. Therefore, when I receive calls where men are asking for my help and advice, you are going to get it. “Mistress Erika, I want to suck a real cock, and I want your help!”  This is something I  hear often enough,  from one desperate horny cock-in-hand caller, or another. But always a big smile forms across my face because I know I CAN help them. The only question is do you really want that help? Do you really want, what you say you do?

Fantasy Phone Sex Gobbling Cock

Now, I am not saying it isn’t, erotic and a really fun time if you want to stay in fantasy land! Uh, hello the name of my blog is Intelligent Phone Fantasy! Exploring your fantasy with me is a safe and fun way to satisfy your kinky needs! Gay fuck toy, pretty girl in a pageant or pretending to be my human garbage disposal (that was a blast and a HALF! (WOooOT!)   In a nutshell: That IS what I do! So when you call you can spill it all to me. If it spoils the fantasy to say you want to stay in fantasy and not go RL send me an email ahead of time. Don’t say “for real” or Real Life”, if it wilts your willy, use the term RL (are-ell) to clue me in.  Conversely tell me if you want this to go  RL. 

Phone Sex With A Higher Purpose

However, if you come to me and say “Mistress Erika, I want to come out and have my friends know I have bi-sexual needs” don’t tell me you want it RL if you don’t. Because, I will deliver it. I had a wonderful call recently where this was the purpose of the call. He wanted his friends to know about his gay cock sucking desires. He was coy as to the reason but readily admitted he didn’t have the confidence to do so. So no normal mature conversations with your friends to explain why you haven’t had a girlfriend in  years isn’t in the cards for him. But he desperately needed a way to break the ice, get THEM to address the elephant in the room because he couldn’t. I wonder if they suspect anything, he said often during the call.

Listening And Conniving

We spoke for over 40 minutes about his lifestyle, what his relationships were like with these friends, and how he was able to hook up on the down-lo for his various homosexual rendezvous.  Armed with this knowledge and his desire for him to be “found out by accident” ,as my goal we worked on a plan.

Fascinating was the process because while I developing and implementing this plan, I came to realize why he didn’t want to come out in such a flamboyant manner. He had eyes on one of his friends. A married man, who through the years and multiple conversations, gave my caller the impression he wasn’t a prude regarding oral pleasures. His wife had given up BJ’s years ago (WoOoOT?!) and his cock was orally starved. Statements like “ I can see why guys go to adult bookstores” “I’m so horny I wouldn’t care if  “____” (and it would alternate between men and women they knew) went down on me right now! I’m so horny, I’d let them!” His words swirled in my callers head and tormenting him on many hot jack-of sessions.

Gay Fuck Toy

Now, he could no longer contain his fantasy and  it started to consume his every waking thought, inflaming my his passions. Because, not only did he have desires to have sex with men, he is a very very special kind of gay guy. He’s a Gay Fuck Toy. He doesn’t want an orgasm for himself.  Describing to me his ultimate scene, I replied: So you want to be  a gay fuck toy.  I heard silence, so I continued:Being used like a living breathing talking walking cock toy is what you just described!  You would gladly let a rock hard stud ravage your boi pus for hours, or swallowing load after load right from the source. His ultimate fantasy and not even have his cock looked at or touched at all, and often remains a lip noodle while he is tossed back and forth between two handsome hot studs.

Mapping out a plan,  I  worked with him to deliver him his dream come true. Then walked him through each step that night.  Encouraging him, reminding him this is what he truly wanted, what he needed. This is what he needed to put the torturous whispers of hot gay sex with is friend,  from his cock, at bay. We also set up a plausible deniability an “out” if you will, so that if at the last second he chickened out again. Of course my first suggestion was a rather bold and brash. Leaving no questions in his friends minds as to his secret desires. Not comfortable with that and explained: he wanted to tell his friends, not cause them to disown him!

Taking that Final Step

With the last click of his mouse, and his fate sealed. By the next day is secrets will have been revealed. When I reminded him of that fact, with that last click of his mouse he said “fuck”. What?  I was curious, what is “FUCK” all about, I demanded!   He said quietly, I did it….I don’t know if …well..If I am ready. I went ballistic, hadn’t I spent the last hour and a half making sure this is what you wanted? Didn’t I tell you we can play in fantasy but if you really want this, then I would help you? Didn’t you just beg me for twenty minutes to do just as I have done!? He was quite. I then reminded him of this plausible deniability explanation and told him. You have it, an out you pussy, use it! 

In a nutshell.  Say what you mean, mean what you say! Do not tell me you want something real time. I don’t play. Fucking know the power with which you choose to engage,and always: Be Careful What you wish for gay fuck toys!

Gay Fuck Toy

Fantasy brought to Real Life