Hi there Intelligent Phone Fantasy Fans! I’ve been getting a lot of query’s lately , folks interested in the Woman behind the Femdom. I’ve taken some of the most common questions and answered them for you here, on this fun little update!

If you are curious about me, just ask! I will take all and any questions. I reserve the right to decline to answer any question, with a no harm no foul mindset. Ready? Let’s go!

Where do you live?

I live in Florida. The Great Phallus State, where the state bird is the mosquito and state plant is mold. Ha ha, only kidding. I have no idea what they actually are, I’m not wikipedia people.

Years ago I lived in Penn’s Woods, south east quadrant. Some of you have picked that up in my “accent”. I came to Florida for business years ago, and wanted. No, needed to move here ASAP. It took several years but when the stars aligned I was set. I drove down in a rental van, all of my earthly possessions packed inside  and my new adventure began!

Florida? It’s so friggen hot!

Now , I get that the heat isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine by me! Otherwise everyone will be “down here”! I don’t kvetch about the heat: Just like ya’ll do up north during Jan and Feb: Run from one warm place to another. I do the same in July and August here but I just run from one cool place to another. Most likely running from my pool to the air conditioned house, that is!  The rest of the months are quite tolerable for this hot house flower. Particularly today. Soft breeze , high in the low 80’s fluffy clouds, so nice it makes you glad to be alive. Months and months of this. Ahhh…

What do you do outside of Mistress-ing with Enchantrix?

I love to read, although I don’t get the time these days to do so.

I tend to read more non-fiction,  than fiction. Non-fiction everything from dog behavior to biography’s,  and FBI profiling type books, about the more demented folk in our society. Although, I won’t turn down a Harlan Cobin, James Paterson or for a change of pace: Micheal Gear. I have jean M Auel’s latest book screaming my name but if you are familiar with her, she’s prolific and I want the time to sink deep into the depths of that world. No coming up for air, for hours. Oh those days. I miss them. Perhaps when I retire.

I love to explore this paradise I live in. Kayaking, Fishing (with help sometimes, I can’t use live bait! hahahaha!) and hiking are all on my short list of things to do.

I also love to laugh so you might see me at a local comedy club, Of if you’re funny enough you’ll hear me laugh as you entertain me!

I also love my precious boy, my dog. He was rescued from horror and neglect along with dozens of others. Doing much better these days. But it’s been a long road. So, dog behavior and training is a passion of mine.

Hope you enjoyed my getting to know Me blog! Now it’s time for Me to get to know You!

Comment below, or email me.

Until we chat ????

Mistress Erika