Hello there tiny fans. I realized I’ve been remiss on one of the kinks I like to play with. The Giantess Fantasy! Macrophilla is a thing, and over my time here at LDW I’ve had some fantastic tiny calls! I don’t blog about it nearly as much as I should and since I do enjoy playing this way: Ladies and tiny’s we are looking at the Giantess fantasy today and specifically shrinking or growing? Confused? Don’t be. Read on.

Giantess Fantasy Growing

There are two scenarios to achieve Giantess status Growing or Shrinking. Her growing, or you shrinking. Here we look at Growing. Why does she grow? Perhaps because of some horrible scientific accident. Or a mystical option which compels rapid growth. The lovely lady grows, twice,three sometimes ten times the normal size for a woman.

For the 50 foot woman, as you can imagine, this sudden outgrowing of every stitch of clothing she owns, makes a gal pretty grumpy. Making due with what she finds, scantily clad she stomps.  Stomping through towns, snapping light poles with a flick of her toe. People run from buildings lest she level them with a swift kick while they are inside. Her size affords her great power. Terrorizing those who may have had their hand in such maliciousness.

Don’t you see the lovely delicious correlations to Dominance and submission? She rules with absolute power, the town folk and one lucky fella (winks) who catches her eye, is made to feel vulnerable, submissive. Willing to do anything to please her.

Shrinking Fantasy

Giantess Fantasy

What’s your Giantess Fantasy?

By far the, submissive shrinking for any number of reasons, finding himself in a large large world is more popular. There are some good reasons why some think shrinking is better than growing . Wardrobe for the lady being one! Ha!

Some tiny’s are 24″-12″ inches, others a very Freudian 5″ or 6″. *wink wink*  Still some are so vulnerable as to be ant sized.
I have to say, exploring the world ant sized is certainly a treasure trove of scents, sensations and terror. It challenges me to detail what most scenes do not.

Upon discovery , hiding behind a salt shaker on her table. He freezes as her large eyes focused on him. Her  large face peering, moving down closer to the tiny figure. How her hot, tropical wind like breath, with the scent of coffee rushes over the 1/2″ man. “What … the hell… ARE you!? He stumbles, from the hurricane like wind making a step backwards before he catches himself, trembling with fear of what this gargantuan woman will do.

Does Size Matter

Although I love exploring every sized tiny. I personally prefer a size of tiny which could be extremely helpful, yet small enough to usher into my terrarium at night, you know. For safe keeping! Can’t have those tiny men wandering around thinking they have options! ha!

Oh , perhaps a troupe of tiny men, captured in a cosmic turn of events which finds them about 8″ *wink* tall.  As I work, they tend to my pretty toes. Their small hands working together to filed, buff and trim my pretty painted toes. MMmmm the possibilities are limitless!

What is your Giantess Fantasy?

Until We Chat ????

Giantess Erika