JOI: What Is It?

JOI Guided Masturbation

Today, gang, we are looking at Guided Masturbation, or JOI. You may have seen it mentioned “around these parts.” Do you know what it stands for? I do! It stands for Jerk Off Instructions. You call, and I instruct you how to masturbate! If we’ve never talked before then I might ask you about your habits, what you’ve tried. Trying to get a feel for your experience and expertise! 

We have a lot of fun, having a hot erotic JOI time. I’ve been known to tease my JOI guys with very naughty images! Perhaps from a fantasy I’ve had. Or perhaps from a recent sexcapade! I love ramping up that arousal, then telling you to STOP! I have a way of knowing if you did follow instructions just by listening. Wanna know what the tell is? 

Those new to phone sex and guided masturbation, more times than not you orgasm shortly after “being ready to cum” and you blow!
I have no say when you orgasm. But a great time was had by all! Some stop there. Good for me, good for you! Great!

Guided Masturbation and Cock Control

The next level, for lack of a better term, is you giving Me complete control over your cock! It’s not as easy as it sounds, for some so we’ll have to take it step by step.

You have the JOI, but this time, this time, we work together and help you to be more in touch with your body’s responses. Starting by identifying arousal levels so you know when you are approaching the point of no return. For some it’s a matter of a stroke between “I’m almost there, and fuck, I’m cumming”.  

Cock Control Training

Focused training, with my voice, my commands  learning and responding instinctively to them is our goal. One step closer to complete cock control. Of getting into your head, and conditioning you exactly how I wish is where we are headed.

Once you have a pretty good handle (ha!) on controlling that cock, and your body’s responses, it’s time to turn that cock over to me. Focused meditative sessions which include various tasks , rituals and , masturbation affirmations   designed to train both your mind and body.  

Explosive Orgasm

Mistress Erika I Stroke This Cock For Your Pleasure
With Each Stroke I Submit  This Cock To You
With Each Stroke I Give Control  Of This Cock To You
Mistress Erika Owns This Cock
Mistress Erika Owns This Cock
Mistress Erika Owns This Cock

Once your brain understands and your body craves the explosive orgasm that comes with Orgasm Edging  and cock control the sky is the limit! More and more Dominance, more and more submission and before you know it your life is never the same. Take  it from this delightful pet!

B.E. (before Erika) I was into joi. Tease and delay. That kinda of thing. The usual stuff I guess. I thought I was submissive. But it wasn’t really true till I met You and am on this journey.

Slowly You invaded my mind and body. Controlling my O’s. Never would thought I’d be doing assignments. I mean actually doing them not just saying yes. Real submission. Showing You my commitment to You.

From the ruined O call, that really started it all, to this right now: wearing a cock cage n panties with a p massager in.
Not knowing what will be coming next.
Not knowing but always trusting in You.
It’s like You awoke something in me.
The things I never would of tried.


Are you “just playing around” ?
Curious about guided masturbation?
Want to expand your sexual repertoire and impress that lady love next time you do the horizontal mambo? 
Does the idea of a sexy woman controlling your cock intrigue you? 

Then you owe it to yourself to explore! Getting in touch with your sexuality, improving your sexual skill is only some of the things we can play with. Don’t be surprised if the naughty fantasies in your head, change over time! But we’ll talk about that, as well. 

Until We chat,
Cock Control Mistress Erika