Hello Fans, Pets, and assorted naughty keyword “searchers”! This week is Thanksgiving here in the U.S of A and I am thankful for all of you!  I haven’t posted a lot of blogs lately. I’ve even had some complaints! Thank you! it made me smile to know you missed my musings.

Therefore, I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on, what will be going on and how you and I can have some fun in December! For those long time , or rather “ardent” fans you probably realize that December is My Anniversary Month With LDW/Enchantrix!  I took my first kinky call here 12/20/2016! That’s three years next month! It’s been fun, awesome, touching and KINKY! I couldn’t be happier! Well I could.. but , it would include a private tropical island. But aside from that I have no complaints.  I’ve learned a lot, I’ve taught a lot and I’m afraid ya’ll will have to deal with me for quite some time to come! *winks*

Where’s The Kink

I’ve been spending a good portion of my time doing some “background” work on my blog, taking some time getting caught up on the latest, when it comes to producing fantastic blogs! The world changes and so must we. The only thing constant in life is change. Who moved my cheese, and all that !?= *laughs* You get the drift.

I’ve also revamped some of my pages! Take a look see! My About Me Page and my Audio’s page!

 Kinky Profiles

Kinky Profile

Kinky Profile

One of the background things I’ve been doing is writing profiles. What is a profile? Well when you log onto one of our dozen sites which cater to specific kinks you’ll see the Mistresses listed who like to play with that kink. When you click on My picture it takes you to my profile. It has a few words from the Me regarding the kink, as well as a Link to our Click To Call option where you can bypass the dispatcher, fill out a form and be Whisked Away , no waiting, to Erika Land!

Some of My New Profiles:
Erotic Voices
Femphone UK
Cuckold Fantasies

To sum it all up:  I’ve been very naughty and  kinky in sessions, you just haven’t seen it here on my blog! But That’s changing, and now that I’m done with “all that” I’ll be getting back to regular kinky blogs in December!

December Fun With Mistress Erika

For my 3rd Anniversary I’m rolling out a promotion that everyone can find a little sumptin-sumptin to enjoy!
Every call of 15 minutes or more, gets you one entry to win!
One Bonus Entry, for Calls Of 60 Minutes Or More!

Three Years of Kinky Fun

What would you want to win?


Contest Runs From December 1- December 31 2019
1- Your call must last at least 15 minutes to qualify.
2- When you call you MUST wish me a Happy Anniversary, no wishing no winning!
3- Tell me what you are interested in winning.

One category entry per call. If you want a chance to win in each category then you need to call me at least three times (one for each category)
Accordingly, the more times you call the better your odds at winning in that category!

You can win:

1-Free Minutes
2-My Panties
3- Free Five Minute Custom Erotic Audio .

There will be three winners of each category.
Then on January 1,2020 I will pull all the entries, assign them a random number, then using a random number generator find my 9 winners!
That’s right!
Three of you WILL WIN a ten minute free call!
And three of you Will WIN a pair of my panties.
And…..Yep, You Guessed it, Three of you WILL WIN a five minute custom audio!

Holiday Tokens Of Your Appreciation

I’m often asked what I would like to receive as a gift from you. Both to celebrate Christmas and my Anniversary.
You are always welcome to check out my Wishlist , for gifts or gift ideas. In addition, I always appreciate Gift Cards. Some think they are tacky, I think they are great! Not only do I get the warm fuzzy’s from your gift, I also get of shopping! Win Win.

Amazon, or even Visa/MasterCard gift cards would be great particularly this year. Some of you may or may not know but I’m putting in a new tile floor in my house, the old carpet is kaput!  Your help would be greatly appreciated! So much so , that if you do send an Amazon, Visa or MasterCard gift card I’ll put your name on the back of a tile in my home!

Well, only if you’d like it to be there! I’ll take a pic and send it to you! Email me for more information

For those who have already gifted me , Thank you!  and ????????????????

I look forward to more kink, more fun and more YOU in December

Until We Chat ????
Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika

Special Thanksgiving Message