He is addicted to masturbation. Not orgasm,  just rubbing that joy-stick is his main pleasure.  Revving up his body, experiencing the lovely erotic feelings surging through him. Having a sexy lady or two, or three, around to guide, tease and edge is so teasingly erotic! But let me tell you, chronic masturbators, I love playing with your masturbation fogged brain! You silly strokers don’t know who you are dealing with! *laughs* All in good fun, all in good fun. But another lesson in “Careful what you wish for.”

I Love to Stroke for You, Mistress

Yes, you do, slutsky, and in these past few months you’ve impressed me with your ability to stroke and edge. Your cam sessions, watching you edge My cock, just adds to your arousal and my tease! Making comment, giving instructions and seeing you shiver and shake is fantastic!

You also go days and days with edging and stroking, and recently, 30 days with edging several times a day and only ONE RUINED orgasm! Pretty impressive if you ask me. After all , the longest  you’ve gone without orgasm before was about a week, or two. I forget. You are supposed to keep agonizing track of the time , not me!

Addicted to Masturbation: Pushing those Limits

Now, readers, you all are getting to know me pretty well. You know I am generally level headed, mature fun loving and f-in erotically, deliciously evil

Addicted to Masturbation

Can you follow this edging schedule?

at times! *smiles* It’s what you like about me! *laughs* Pushing limits is one of those erotically delicious things I do.

So recently in a hot edging session with Princess Andi and I,  slutsky had both of us teasing him and tormenting him for quite some time! Lucky duckie, eh? How hot is it to have us in your ears? Lava hot, that is how hot! What more could a stroker addicted to masturbation want? More stroking of course! Far be it for me to do suggest anything else!

Anyway….I think slutsky lost his damn mind. I can’t believe this chronic masturbator agreed to these terms!  Mind you, he was on day 20 or so without orgasm  and everyday edging, and in session it was maybe the third or fourth edge?  Poor boy, I think his brain had the consistency of chocolate pudding (and about as much reasoning power) buy the near end of our session! Not my problem, though. Right? Right!

90 day Orgasm Edging Challenge

So after a few thoughts, and conversation, he readily agreed to no orgasm for 90 days and to masturbate and edge for me during that time! I agreed That 90 days of edging would be great! What a lovely act of submission and devotion, what Mistress wouldn’t be pleased. Right? Oh, but pets, I want more. I need more. So while slutsky was rounding his third, or fourth or I dunno “whatever number of edge” it was I suggested one edge for each day of orgasm denial and each day we had one edge! So Day 1= one edge. Day 2= two Day three = 3. Oh, slutsky was so excited to prove himself to me!

But that’s not all folks. No. What good is a demonstration of devotion if there isn’t a back up plan? If he fails, if he orgasms before 90, or can’t DO the required edges, I’d be SooOO disappointed!  I mean something must be done to please me! Slutsky, never wanting to disappoint me, agreed on the following:

So we decided,  if slutsky fails to do one edge for each day on the addicted masturbator’s challenge. or if  he has orgasm, then he is cock-locked and only allowed out to stroke under supervision! That means anytime slutsky wants to touch that naughty dick, either Myself, Princess Andi or another Mistress of my choosing must supervise his stroking! Gone are the previous requirements of one stroker per day of the challenge. But he’ll finish the 90 days locked and no more edges required.

Final Orgasm

So on the 23rd, slutsky had his final orgasm for the challenge. For 90 days he gets to edge for me, over and over. I’ve suggested, and Mistress Andi suggested, he buy plenty of lube and a vibrating prostate massage toy to help with milking. Do you have any tips or suggestions for slutsky to aid him through this challenge?