Have you ever felt like you were an addicted stroker? Your compulsive masturbation being the focus of  your thoughts and perhaps activity the

addicted stroker

How much do you masturbate?

majority of your day? Masturbation May is a good time to help destigmatize masturbation, it’s also a good time to look at how a good thing may go awry !  So, do you just have a healthy sex drive and enjoy self pleasure or is your masturbation habits something more? Let’s take a look.

You May be an Addicted Stroker If

You decline social invitations in favor of a long edging masturbation session.
Your need for sexual stimulation from non-social sources (porn ) is a must for arousal and orgasm.
Your need for novel porn stimulation finds you spending more and more time, perhaps even hours and hours searching for stroking fodder.
You engage in riskier and riskier behavior to find places to masturbate.
You are not motivated to make social connections to find a sexual partner because it may (does) interfere with your masturbation.
You sometimes feel guilt over how much of your life you spend thinking about, preparing for and time spent masturbating.

Masturbation Addict Help

A male with a habit of this magnitude probably won’t do well on their own. If you could do it on your own,  you probably would have done it already. So let’s face it: your tingling wanking stick seduces your mind and hand at its whim and you HAVE  NO CONTROL. Traditional therapy is expensive and you are not sure if you even need it. Certainly admitting such things is extremely embarrassing. Before you go that route you still want to see if you can “handle it” on your own. What are you to do?

Well,  you certainly can make use of BF (best friend) therapy. Perhaps not your best male friend, I can’t imagine two guys having a beer and one saying “I need your help, John, I think I masturbate too much…….” You’ll probably get an odd look if you are lucky and a “go fuck yourself” or even a punch in the nose, depending on the quality of your friends. I can be that BF who offers the least bias of opinions on your habits. But what I offer far and above your best male friend, or even most traditional therapists is Masturbation Management!

Masturbation Management

Lets connect and discuss your concerns soon! We’re on the phone, or in a sexy texting session so you can feel more at ease. I am not a judgmental person and I am often called upon from friends and family to offer sage advice and guidance on a plethora of subjects, including human behavior. Since I’ve made understanding the male mind and body a bit of a hobby of mine all of my life I’ll take great delight taking you under my Femdom wing and helping you with your struggles. We’ll talk about what you feel is “Normal” how your current behavior needs to be more in line to that “normal” and even detoxing your mind and body to the artificial stimulation like porn. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against porn. I happen to LIKE IT VERY MUCH! But everything needs balance and so does your masturbation habtis!

So let’s connect (check out my scheduling page for how to reach me) and discuss your masturbation habits!

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika