You know you are addicted to panties. First thoughts in the morning, last thoughts at night. You don’t know what to do with your obsession. You just know you need to feed it. Feed it to the point of interfering with your responsibilities. Your personal goals. Let’s take a look at men addicted to panties. And how I can help those same men manage their addiction to panties.

Addicted to panties

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Men Addicted To Panties

Your first thought in the morning, panty boy, is that exquisite detail of the panties you were just dreaming of. The delicate lace trim, the classic and classy polka dot fabric. You feel your head spin, you’re in love. Why you probably love the panties MORE than who or what resides inside of those panties , humm?  Your obsession is fueled with only the finest of brands, the most delicate fabric and detail. You spend hours looking at , inquiring about various concerns one  would have when deciding on what panties to purchase. Why just talking to a woman about panties, knowing they are for you is so verboten so naughty!

Sissies Addicted to Panties

Some others may be addicted to panties, because they also identify with who is inside, panties help them feel and explore their fem side. Panties for sissies with soft satin, lace and pretty colors flip the fem switch! That girl laying quietly inside rises and emerges to experience, even if for a short time, what lovely feeling it is to be fem! Flipping through girly magazines, in your pretty panties. Shopping on line appreciating the graceful curve of a hip, as it fills out a beautiful full cut pink satin pantie.

Other Pantie Addicted Men

Still others are addicted to panties because of what and/or who they represent. The control the Woman possesses, and the control she has over you. The power contained in those panties, to make you her sexual play toy. Gone is the stress of the day, gone are all the decisions and responsibilities that comes with your life.  Transforming from “him” into her object of fascination, she compels and commands you wear her panties. Trembling, embarrassed by the realization of the panty-wearing submissive you’ve become. You hope it pleases her, you’ll do anything to please me. Won’t you pet? On your knees, now. Worship Your Goddess………

Addicted to Panties Finding Balance

Just like helping those with chastity or masturbation management we can work to  finding balance and control with your pantie addiction. That’s right, pantie addiction is more along the lines of a food addiction, or exercise addiction. You can’t eliminate the drug, you have to make peace with your intoxicant and find a healthy balance. Pantie obsession  just don’t go away. Being realistic with your play, how much money you spend and holding you accountable to the boundaries are all things we can discuss.  Having an outlet, someone who shares in your interest in panties can go a long way. Make your pantie play productive and more rewarding. Take it out of the dark  loneliness and share it with someone who understands. You’ll reap the rewards.

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