One of the perks with “what I do” is that I get to meet and befriend some amazing women! All of the Enchantrix Mistresses are exceptional in their own way, and Mistress Olivia is no exception!   November 28th was Two Mistress Call Day, part of LDW’s celebrating 15 years of awesome phone sex!  When you called, you could speak to two Sexy Mistress for the price of one!  I say it was a win win, all around! Love to share some of my day with you!

Two Mistress Call

Ask for Erika & Olivia

Two Mistress Call

This celebration was fantastic as it allowed some of you to play with two of us and get a taste of

Two Mistress Call

Experienced Mistress Olivia

how we play together! I know the submissive pets who spoke with Olivia and I had a fantastic time! So sensual and naughty, Ms Olivia’s experience and abilities transcend your typical “Phone sex call” as she creates a mood, an ambiance for her phone guests, and they never forget who the Experienced Mistress is!  Playing with her was a treat, indeed!

Vegas Shenanigans , Tricked and Turned

Imagery of seduction, transformation and power were painted so artfully on this call. This fantasy led by the effervescent Mistress Olivia. Her skillful touch on a kinky journey had me transported to that hotel room in Vegas. Teasing and tormenting our pet Blaze. Now Blaze isn’t her real name, her real name is actually a boy’s name! But that’s no matter to anyone after Ms Olivia and I transform a boy into a girl.  Blaze finds the more embarrassed, the more turned on she becomes, she will vow to do ANYTHING for Mistress, and boy, does she!

Bride To Be

I adore being a girl playing with girl things. I totally understand why you want to be a girl, too! Pretty dresses, and shoes…..Now sharing that love with you! Two Mistress call day introduced me to a Bride to be! Planning and dreaming of that perfect day! Nothing is more feminine, than a woman’s wedding day. Am I right? I am! LOL

It was  just the girlie fix I needed. Having such fun discussing and looking at beautiful gowns, this brides collection is nothing short of amazing! Spending girl time, talking make up, nails and jewelry the time flew and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my new friend!

Oh my, there was so much more to that day, and only a brief time for it all today! I barely scratched the surface!  Perhaps I’ll pick up where I left off on another day, or perhaps Ms Olivia will share some of her thoughts, too! I bet if you comment asking, I can get her to do it!  Comment below and I’ll send her an email, telling her to take a gander at all the horn dogs who want to be “in the know” LOL

I had an amazing month celebrating with all of you. Thank you, everyone for making my life amazing!

Mistress Erika