How can I please you Mistress, is often a question I receive.  So when I am asked how can I please you Mistress Erika, I smile. You want to please me, you want to earn a way into

How Can I Please You Mistress


my good graces so you might feel whole, satisfied and owned. I get it. I encourage it. Often with newbs I toss that question back to them, what do YOU think will please me and send them on their way to ponder an answer.

You see, I use this as  a test, at test with no wrong answers. A test of your creativity, your devotion , a test that tells me more about you, what you are made of and how clever you can be. But because I know men often need the dots placed very close together I thought I would create a simple of a list to help your mind start ticking. As I said there are no wrong answers because if you don’t come up with something that does please me, then I will give you the right answer. Of course I would be disappointed, but not everyone is perfect, right? So to help give you sorry SOB’s a break ( 😉 ) and because I’m feeling so fantastic this lovely day, my gift to you.

Phone Calls

This goes without question, right? You would be surprised. Regardless of the duration, regular calls  several times a week, weekly, biweekly etc will go a long way.  If you are in training (trust me, you are regardless) routine calls tells me you are dedicated.  Gives me an opportunity to create tasks for you to complete for me. Perhaps it is something for you to learn, or particular stroking instructions to help build our bond. Tells me you are one step above the others that may be sniffing around me.  If privacy is an issue for you, then sexy texting is always available for us to connect.

Social Media

Pleasing your Mistress means supporting her. I’m new here and I need to get the word out. I am on Enchantrix Empire, Tumblr and Twitter.  Join , and/ or follow me. Share my posts and comment when you think you have something pleasing to say.  Already have accounts, and don’t want your friends or family potentially see your devotion? Create a new account. You can create a throw away email addy to use for these accounts. No excuses, just do it. If this simple act of devotion is too much for you, then perhaps we need to rethink where this is going.


Since you are reading this blog entry you are already doing one simple thing, reading my blog. Subscribe to my blog using the above “throw away” email address and be apprised of updates. Visit my blog, read the latest entry and take your time. Often there are messages in my blogs albeit a piece of fiction, or exploring certain themes, I put it out there it’s your place to learn from it.   My blog is a way for you to get to know me, as well. Get your taste of Mistress Erika every day, my blog is here 24/7 for you to read, comment on and absorb all things Erika. Share my blog on Social Media, but beware not all social media is “Adult Theme” friendly. You’ll be safe sticking with Tumblr and Twitter, and Enchantrix Empire.


What lady doesn’t like gifts? None that I know of.  Pleasing your Mistress with gifts is always encouraged! Please, make sure in the gift message to include your name, so I can thank you personally. Again, what you decide to gift me with is up to you.  The dollar amount need not be extravagant, it is your willingness to show that devotion, dedication to my pleasure that is important. Finding something that isn’t on my gift list that pleases me is the ultimate test of how well you know me and tells me just what kind of sub you want to be to me.


I always enjoy emails to say hello, report back to me on tasks you’ve been given and yes words of devotion and dedication are always welcome. Reading your words of how you are worshiping your Mistress  are always welcome. I do answer emails, all of them. On busy days it might be a few words, if I have more time I’ll write more. Of course it’s not nice at all to expect, demand or require certain level of attention from me just because you write. Right? Of course it is, and whatever your receive from me albeit a thank you, smile or more should always be cherished!

How Can I Please You Mistress Creativity

Of course your creativity is always welcomed. I delight in the creative ways subs come up with to please me. I could list some of the things folks have come up with , but where is the fun in that? Show me your personality, show me you are devoted by learning about me and then surprise me with your idea. Who knows, it just might earn you a prized spot “right here” (pointing to the side of the overstuffed chair I’m currently sitting in).

Cheers, my precious I look forward to you pleasing your Mistress!