Hello pets! Some of you know full well how to beg for me. Some need harsh and severe lessons on how to do so. I recently had a session which can be categorized somewhere between sensual and harsh. I told the pet to beg, for what he THINKS he needs. What the result was had to be the MOST un-sexy, pathetic beg I could imagine. Not a very good motivator for me to grant any pleasure.

Since I’m always giving you “Just enough rope” (to tie up those hands ha ha), I’m gonna give you a FREE lesson to what I expect, nay what I fucking demand when it comes to begging. Take heed, slut.

Beg for Mistress

Beg For Mistress

Please Mistress Please Please Please

Really? You whining isn’t motivating for me slut. Actually it’s quite annoying after a while. I am a woman who needs more. Requires more. Sophomoric crying of “please”, will get you No Where With Me. I will make you beg for me, just how I wish you to. Well, that is if you actually WANT what you are begging for!

You have a brain  , freaken engage it. Oh I realize you’ve been edging for hours and your penis is so sensitive you could cry. I know your deep submission and erotic fog thwarts your thoughts, and attempts of them being cohesive. But that matters little to me, right pet? What matters to me is that you please me , pleasing me means I am in your head. I bring you to new levels of submission you can only dream of. I hold up a mirror to your submission, own it. Revel in it. Embrace it , it’s who you are. This is how.

How To Beg For Mistress 3 steps

First own it. That’s right admit out loud so I can hear you, and you can hear yourself exactly who and what you are.
-Mistress I’m a chronic masturbator.
-Mistress  I’m a cum slut
-Mistress I’m a sissy

Whatever your kink  which brings you to your knees and propels you to beg, that’s what you “own”.

Second, acknowledge who’s in charge. Who Owns You, Pet? Something along these lines would suffice.
-Mistress you own and control me.
-Mistress you own and control this cock
-Mistress you own and control my orgasm.

Third, recognize whose pleasure is paramount and ask for what you want.
– I stroke only for your pleasure, Mistress. If it pleases you may I stroke your cock?
– I stroke for your pleasure, Mistress. If it pleases you may I cum?
– I suck cock for your pleasure, Mistress. If it pleases you may I suck it?

Now You Beg For Mistress

I want to hear your beg! If it’s not good enough you won’t get orgasm. Or maybe you’ll get a ruined one, up to you. How well can you learn? Here are some examples putting it all together.

Mistress I’m a pathetic stroking slut, I crave your control, you own my orgasm, if it pleases you may I stroke?

Mistress I’m a cum slut I crave to eat ejaculate, I cannot do it on my own I need your hand, your  control , if it pleases you train me to obey and eat cum

Mistress I’m a cocksucking cross dressing sissy faggot, you own and control my mind and body I’m nothing without you. Please Mistress, if it pleases you. please ride my sissy pussy with your girl cock until forget my name.

See how easy it is! I suggest practicing now, so it becomes rote. When you are high on your own juices (hormones, calm down) it’ll come more naturally. Using my requirements, for a good beg, which might motivate me to allow what you seek give it a go! You can post below, or better yet whisper them into my ear!

Until We Chat ????

Beg For Mistress, Erika