Why you crave for me to humiliate you is beyond me. Sure, we can toss some ideas back and forth. I’ll play (totally unqualified) arm-chair therapist with you, if that’s what you want. But most don’t. Some people want to be humiliated , others they NEED to be humiliated for sexual pleasure. Most are not so concerned in the why’s of their kink. I found many who concentrate their energies on finding new and  humiliating fantasies to play out and “up the ante” , for them achieve release.

Masturbation Humiliation

I covered some examples of masturbation humiliation here in my three part series.  A lot of folks have fun with masturbation humiliation.  There is  so much fun coming up with new and creative ways you can erotically entertain me and my friends. Now, don’t deny it, you love it too!  There’s an element of CNFM, with masturbation humilation which is also highly erotic, in and of itself!


Humiliate You And Your Small Penis

Small penis Humiliation or SPH is  what I consider the firecracker of humiliations. The majority of guys who are solely focused on the inadequacy of their pinkdicks want, need and request harsh words. You love my sneering and overt displays of disgust at what you bring to the table. Then, as a Mistress, when you deliver the goods they literally explode. Their cocks with a biological imperative to thrust and deposit its seed deep within a woman, as close to her womb as possible, yet the raw knowledge and reminder from your mistress that your small cock could never impregnate anyone.  Certainly it would be a miracle! You always fall short because with a two inch micro dick your cum just dribbles right out of her pussy. Your sperm will never reach the womb, let alone the egg residing higher up. They only way you will father a child is with a turkey baster or in a Doctor’s office.

Now, don’t be confused about the above fetisher and the guy who incorporates SPH as part of the overall humiliation package.  In this case his energies are disbursed, not focused like the above. You can tell the difference. Just as much fun, mind you. It just differs in intensity and focus. 

Sissy Humiliation

Often sissys love offering themselves up as a live, talking , breathing fucktoy to be humiliated!  Plenty of them  love to be called cocksuckers, sissy cock suckers.  Ass toy, Ass slut etc. I just love it, when they get in that subzone and each “fucking slut” “what a dirty cock whore you are” out of your mouth drives them higher and higher. It really is fantastic!

Other great fun to humiliate you, the sissy, is to send you on shopping trips to buy panties, and slutty girl clothes. To the virgin, never shopping brick and mortar stores, this is quite the grueling experience! To the experienced, maybe we up the ante and have  you get professionally measured for a bra? Ha! Lift up your arms, now….

Humiliate You The Old Fashioned Way

There is always the the good old fashioned “running your sorry ass through the mud”. Don’t be shy, fess up. “Mistress Erika, I called so you could humiliate me” Fantastic, and when I say “what about you sucks”. Now, don’t give me a surprised answer! I hear “huh?” “Um” You know the answer, come out and just tell me. What, now I have to fucking guess , over the phone, with someone I’ve never met, what your special brand of humiliation looks like? Well, my two legged troglodyte, I’m a Mistress not a mystic NOR a mind reader. Nothing is more annoying than you dancing around the proverbial bush. Call me and say “Mistress, I crave your humiliation” , and respond to my question with clear answers regarding the severity and style of humiliation you crave.

I know I have only scratched the surface. Email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com and tell me about your dirty humiliation secret!

Humiliate You