There once was a humiliated beta boy, who’s cock was teeny tiny. Most likey the reason he’s a beta boy!  This slut is well known around these parts, and never fails to entertain myself or a number of Enchantrix Mistresses. You see peewee cocksucker is the tiny cocked beta bitch, and has quite the number of humiliating confessions. Lets look at why he’s so much fun for a dominant Woman!

Being My Bitch

Which came first the SPH or the “being my ass kissing bitch”? I think it’s the former. After all I’m sure a lot of you small dicks start out thinking your wang is my salvation, right?

Then you matured. Experienced being naked in front of other men; in the service, locker room, wherever. Then you realized, your peanut just can’t measure up! You certainly can’t go on pretending your cock is something I would ever actually crave!

So , being the intelligent  homo sapien  you are your mind and body adapted. How could a tiny dick like you get a woman like me? By being everything an Alpha male will not be. So down the road you went, humiliated beta!

Humiliated and Aroused

Alpha males won’t bend over and take my girl cock, but you would. Wouldn’t you slut? Strap-on humiliation was made for beta bitches like you! I will have you whimpering for…. what? What?

SAY IT: More Mistress, More!

Humiliated Beta , you'd do anything to be with a woman like me.
You’d Do Anything To Be With A Woman Like Me. Won’t you beta bitch?

You know the ‘average’ woman wouldn’t look twice at you, beta. Certainly not after they find out what you are, erm, what you are NOT packing! Nope they don’t see , understand, or appreciate the services of a little humiliated beta bitch like you. 

What makes it the most fun, is the more humiliating it is the more I hear you moan! So aroused your mighty 4″,  with each and every humiliating task I put you through.  Adult bookstore you go. Asking for the smallest of chastity cages, only to confess it’s too big! Asking for the biggest dildo because Mistress needs to train a cocksucker properly!

Mmmm, I can see the flush on your face. I bet you can feel the HEAT as you are reading this, beta slut! Knowing I have you by your balls! Oh yea, in your highly aroused state, your need for exposure. Your slutty self needing to confess,  to at least ONE OTHER HUMAN, who and what you are! Whispering your erotic confessions to me, telling me very personal information! Information which could lead me to your very door and expose you for what you really are! 

Executive Bitch

That’s right, you masquerade around in your world as being a successful business man. People probably think you are powerful, capable and a leader. I wonder what their faces would look like, if they saw you with my collar around your neck, chained to my waist, naked and crawling after my sweet ass begging for a taste. 

There’s more to you, and what a little ass kissing bitch you are, peewee. But, that’s enough for today. I’m sure there are thousands of my followers who read my blogs every month, faces agog, reading about you. Others are probably very aroused and wanting “sum of dis“.  ???????? 

Do ya wanna taste? Bring it on bitches! I use humiliation as a sexual tool. You provide ME a safe place to exercise my “tool”.  Not to mention, it would be a good debate on who’s enjoying themselves more: You or I? 

Consensual P.S.

Dear readers, I sure hope you enjoyed my humiliation blog post. I have full permission from peewee to talk about him. I wouldn’t otherwise. Discretion is my number one priority for all of my pets. 

I fully understand you want to be humiliated, how that humiliation is translated into arousal for you. How you want to feel submissive, used and a total slut but I also understand  as much as we tease and play about me “really exposing you”  I will always abide by: What happens in session, stays in session.

That’s not to say you might be compelled to come out of the proverbial closet after playing with me. I tend to have that affect on men.

Providing that safe place to explore and be yourself is a powerful thing. Amazing, actually. 

Also, I have a beautiful life. I would not put that in jeopardy for any fucking slut, EeeeeeVvvvvvv-OR. 

#KarmaIsABitch and Mistress don’t mess with no karma! 

Stay safe, sane and consensual! 

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Until We Chat ????

Humiliatrix Erika